Spoilt For Choice: How crammed release dates are spoiling gaming


"With the 2012 October to November game and console launch window being one of the most promising and exciting yet, gamers all around are rejoicing at the vast collection of games and consoles that they can purchase during the year’s last months...

However the problem many gamers will now have to address is the issue of expense."

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psychof0x2090d ago

Tell me about. It almost becomes stressful. Please stop making games for 6 months so I can catch up. Thanks.

BadCircuit2090d ago

I wish they didn't release so many now. It's not as if Christmas really makes that much difference to purchasing of games these days.

gaminoz2090d ago

A game like Dishonored was clever to get in a bit early.

Activision putting a game like 007 Legends against its own flagship title Call of Duty is just STUPID.

If it had been released, April, or March it had a chance.

DeusExer2090d ago

From what I've seen and heard, I don't think Legends would have had much of a chance regardless.

gaminoz2090d ago

Maybe not at doing well critically, but sales maybe?

schlanz2090d ago

Clever to get in a bit early, yet still right after Borderlands 2, DOA5, Pokemon Black/White 2, Resident Evil 6, and on the same day as XCOM.

MultiConsoleGamer2090d ago

The Christmas season cruch is really tough. It usually takes me several months before I get caught up.

DeusExer2090d ago

That's what competing companies do I guess, release their big name games around the same time as others to provide some competition.

Nobody is forcing people to buy all these games.

Sure, I could buy them all now. But then some people tend to rush through one game just so they can move onto the next.

I'd rather take my time say, playing AC3, then move onto Halo 4 eventually, before going onto FC3.

gaminoz2090d ago

Totally with you. Which reminds me, I still have Max Payne 3 to play...

DeusExer2090d ago


Totally not biased towards it or anything....

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