CheatCC Hands-On Preview: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Sinfully Good Multiplayer

CheatCC writes: "After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, in actuality only about two years, I finally got a chance to play Rainbow Six Vegas 2 at a recent event held by Ubisoft. After the monumental success that was the original Vegas, I wasn't sure how the crew at Ubisoft would be able to really improve its already amazing formula. Let me be the first to say they didn't get complacent and just slap a 2 after the title. It is clear that they have put a lot of work and effort into making some great improvements to make Vegas 2 even better than the original."

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hotshot1273722d ago

i just dont know if im going to get this. i do love the cover system but i think im just going to wait for killzone 2.

and the only reason, i'll be getting killzone 2 and resistance 2 is because thier so different.

anyway, i just cant get 3 fps's in 1 year.

this game does seem really great but as of right now, I THINK i might hold out. unless somebody wants me to come back to the rainbow six world and start whooping ass again. but as of right now. im sticken with cod4. and im alittle rusty from not playing it for a while but i can still kick ass.

psn id - HOTSHOT127

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