10 lies video games tell us about outer space

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In order to keep things interesting, video games (as well as other entertainment mediums, but mostly video games) often have to stretch the truth. It's not malicious, it's just that reality can be a bummer sometimes and has a habit of dragging down fantasy experiences.

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Bathyj2159d ago

I Always like how in Firefly there was no sound in space. The ship takes off, theres no deafening blast from the engines, no pew pew from lasers. It was a nice touch.

It always annoys me in movies, you see an explosion in the distance and you hear it instantly instead of there being a delay. It would add so much more impact if you saw it first and then heard the boom, followed by feeling the shockwave.

But thats just me...

Agent_00_Revan2158d ago

Yea I enjoyed it. Much better then many of the same stupid articles that get repeated on a daily basis lately.

wastedcells2159d ago

Outer space isn't real it's a computer simulation so this article makes little to no sense.

vork772159d ago

um outer space is real how else can you explain the moon and the sun?