The Amazing Spider-Man On Wii U Given A March 2013 Release Date By Retailers

About a week ago, Activision announced that the video game adaptation of this year’s hit movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, will be making its way to the Nintendo Wii U next year.

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Relientk771850d ago

Cool, hope its good. I really loved the Spider-Man games on the PS1

TrendyGamers1850d ago

You can probably find the PS3 version for pretty cheap.

calis1850d ago

Is the PS3/360 game any good?

Soldierone1850d ago

@Calis, yes. If you like Spider-man you will love the game. It's pretty fun!

My recent trip to gamestop, new its 40 dollars, used I believe was 30.

camel_toad1850d ago


I thought it was kinda fun at first, good swing mechanics n stuff, but then eventually it wore thin and I was honestly just ready to be done with it. Shallow gameplay. Poorly imitates Batman combat.

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raekwaan1849d ago

Just stop making spiderman games unless you are going to sort the swinging out. The swinging is what sets apart Spiderman from any other game because anybody can punch a dude in the face, you don't have to be a superhero for that (*cough Batman cough). Spiderman 2 (the movie tie-in game on PS2) was perfect, L2 = web from left hand R2 = web from right hand and you could clock up speeds of around 200mph.