Silent Hill: Downpour Xbox 360 Patch Released & Detailed

Today is definitely a day of relief for owners of Silent Hill: Downpour.

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Relientk771944d ago

Cool, glad they improved on Silent Hill: Downpour with the patch

Kamikaze1351944d ago

Awesome. Glad I waited a bit before getting too far into SH3. Now I can beat it after I patch it and move onto downpour.

SaffronCurse1943d ago

Ps3 coming at a later date.

Acquiescence1943d ago

if the PS3 patch drastically improves the game's performance. Downpour is one of my favourite games of the year, but it was really blighted by the myriad of technical faults and glitches that were inherent throughout. If the frame rate is kept sturdy and the subway glitch is fixed, I'm happy to play through it again during this Halloween season.

Tdmd1943d ago

What are the ps3 version problems? Frame rate issues? I was considering get it now, that's why I'm asking.

Acquiescence1943d ago

It's all over the place, particularly when exploring the town and when the game auto saves. Then there's the Homeless side-quest that unlocks different doors in the subway, which allow for short-cuts to different parts of town. It's glitched to hell, with doors refusing to open, which meant that if I wanted to access another part of town I had to take the long route. There's another bug I encoutered a couple of times where enemies chase after you, but don't attack, so they're just kind of passive and circle around you... it's kinda funny actually.

If I were you, I'd wait until the patch is released and read reports on whether it works or not. It's a shame the game is such a technical mess, because the atmosphere is top-notch and it stays true to the survival-horror genre. Story is great too.

Tdmd1943d ago

Thank you for the reply. I'll take your advice and wait for it as I have no patience with poor frame rate in my games. That alone is a deal breaker.

tack1291942d ago

Yeah same here but maybe a bit more tolerance for it as I played some games that had these severe issues (Fallout 3, New Vegas) I played through Downpour already but if the patch fixes things up then I will definitely give it another clean go.

KrimsonKody1943d ago

Damn, why the wait for PS3 patch?
Could'nt they have used 2 teams to simultaneously apply the patches?
I sure would've liked to play this just before Halloween...

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