Unfortunate Timing: RPGs Released Late In The PSP’s Life Cycle

The PSP has been winding down in North America over the last few years, and with the Vita on the market, publishers are hesitant to bring over games late in the portable’s life cycle – many of which are RPGs. As an RPG fan, I yearn for and wonder about these games. Maybe an opportunity will arise to bring them digitally to PSN for play on both the PSP and Vita, but until then, I’ve selected eight games that came late in the PSP’s lifespan. Sadly, we will probably always pine for these to release in English.

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Godchild10202120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I would love to see Sol Trigger and Final Fantasy Type-0 come stateside. They both look interesting and Type-0 looks like the first breath of fresh air we would get since 13.

Godmars2902120d ago

The thing is they can be put on the PSV, even though they have to be downloads.

3-4-52119d ago

I'm ok with that. They would sell more Vita's if they would just localize these games for download.

GribbleGrunger2119d ago

I'm not so sure about them not getting released in other regions. The Vita will eventually get these PSP games and then they'll have a second market to aim for. To me it makes financial sense to release them worldwide.

Hicken2119d ago

I don't know if it's a bad thing. Many of these games will be localized, and because the PSP itself is pretty cheap, it's more incentive to pick up the system and get these games.

Some of the games would never have made it West anyway, but with the digital aspect of things picking up- and the Vita promoting such play- developers and publishers may find it worth it to release the game digitally. And even though it might be more promoted for the Vita, it'd still be available for those who have PSPs.

Chrono2119d ago

"Many of these games will be localized" hahaha you're dreaming.

Myst2119d ago

Still waiting to see Type-0 and it's kind of an annoyance that it hasn't been released yet.

Myst2118d ago

Really..? Well damn thanks for at least letting me know the reason. Sucks that it falls on that :(

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