Codemasters tease DiRT 4: "Rally is coming back"

VVV: "Earlier today, Paul confirmed my suspisions in response to a fan who asked if the posted photos were an indication that we should expect more Gymkhana fluff and less rally in DiRT 4: "nothing to do with DiRT4. Rally is coming back. Don't worry." Sounds promising to us."

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jd6662154d ago

Codemasters making a rally game that people actually want? I'll believe that when I see it!!!

jimbobwahey2154d ago

Yeah, Codemasters has nosedived in quality this past few years, and they always have to cram stupid stuff into their games. DIRT 3 was supposed to be all about the rally, but then they crammed all that dumb gymkhana crap into the game. DIRT Showdown was rubbish and GRID is looking dreadful with their proposed changes.

Yi-Long2154d ago


Their games are absolutely gorgeous to look at, and handling and speed often fantastic, but so many of their games have been semi-ruined by all the 'EXTREME/DUDE' crap they throw in there.

The rally stages were too few, too short.

I'm praying that DiRT 4 will finally be all about RALLY.

jd6662154d ago

Don't forget the ludicrous mario kart f1 thing theyre making!!! Who the hell wants that game?

Yi-Long2154d ago

... if it would have been a PSN/XBLA release.

As a full-priced retail game!? They've got to be kidding!

DOMination-2153d ago

Rallying was barely in Dirt to begin with. Why can't they just make a rally game separate and leave the buggies and cardboard aliens in this dead franchise.

Ak47Russia2154d ago

Make it a sim or a semi sim true rally game! with no gymkhana crap and i would buy it...

and next time don't put Ken bollocks's car on the cover he is the worst rally driver EVER!

Neckbear2154d ago

Can't wait for half the game to be taken away from the main game with a straight face and then sold for another fifty bucks later.

Pintheshadows2154d ago

I want all the rally tracks from the previous games and less focus on trucks and Xtreme.

JAM_brz2154d ago

Nahhh... another one? Im already had enough

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