Opinion: Why Spore Will Be Huge

Wired's Chris Kohler gives his opinion on Spore:

"Spore's going to be massive.

To be honest, I hadn't really paid that much attention to Will Wright's terminally delayed simulation-of-everything over the last few years. For one, I'm not exactly into sim games, whether of the big-S or small-s variety. Another, the concept just seemed so impossible: Going from a cell to a creature to a civilization to space? Yeah, good luck finishing that.

But for me, going to Maxis a few weeks ago to see the latest version was the turn-around point. I realized something that I wasn't even considering before: Spore is very much a casual game."

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jay23756d ago

Spore is one hell of a fun and enjoyable game.

Silellak3756d ago

This game is going to own my life.

Gondee3756d ago

and it isnt beause most everyone i know have never hurd of it.