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G4:In EA's multi-brand attempt to keep up with the franchise juggernaut known as Call of Duty, the publisher has cued up a new installment of Medal of Honor. Like the previous installment, Medal of Honor: Warfighter attempts to be an appreciation letter to the real life special operatives who help preserve freedom. Yet how does that translate in the context of a poorly designed campaign narrative and a mediocre multiplayer mode.

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Bumpmapping2090d ago

Ouch looks like we wont see a sequel for a long time.Good thing less COD clones for reviewers to play :)

KangarooSam2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Medal of Honor was around 5 years before Call of Duty. COD is a clone if anything. A clone that's been cloned since the fourth game. Fucking dumbass.

Preparing to be disagreed with...

Edit: I own MW3 and have BO2 pre ordered. Just making a point. The original MOH games are the shit, same with COD.

camel_toad2090d ago

Yeh every time I hear it called a clone I think the same thing. Medal of Honor paved the way a long time ago but it has admittedly been crap at best for years now.

I used to play the original pc one alllll the time. Good fun way back then.

KangarooSam2090d ago


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and the first Call of Duty ftw.

SideShort2090d ago

Second generation clones. Copies of copies. -Vin Diesel in some movie

InTheLab2090d ago

I didn't disagree but this Medal of Honor is nothing like previous MoHs. They've pretty much abandoned all that made their shooter special in order to win over the million that buy CoD every year.

MoH Airborne s***s in both MoH and MoHW...

BattleAxe2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

@ KangarooSam

People call MoH a CoD clone because here in the year 2012, its MoH trying to copy what CoD is doing. Activision is not trying to copy MoH, and why would they?, MoH suck these days. Cod has had the best control scheme since its first game whereas MoH has moved more towards CoD's controls as time has gone forward. So I wouldn't be calling anyone a dumbass if you can't wrap your head around this concept....dumbass.


I agree, MoH: Airborne was a fantastic game. Its too bad EA's servers were so laggy for the online part of the game though.

KangarooSam2090d ago


Whatever helps you sleep at night, pusscake.

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Crazyglues2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Yeah 2.5 out of 10 is exactly what I would give this game... this is seriously a P.O.S on a stick -(piece of Sh&^)

I mean Danger Close just proves they are really bad at making games, and what in the hell is up with the graphics on Multi-player, I mean wow, it's bad... Really bad..

This game has actually made me go place my order for COD Black-Ops 2, because this is so bad, by default BO2 is going to seem like a master piece...

So I'm selling this as soon as I can and going to get Black Ops II as quickly as I can..

This game is such a waste of money, so many problems -mic's are not working in game... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! here we go again with this P.O.S

I'll never buy another MOH game again - or a Danger Close game... worst game ever!


SOD_Delta2090d ago

Yeah, Phuck MoH. Buy CoD!

rbluetank2090d ago

i feel the same way... i was going to pass on blop2. i buying it/playing it until fry cry comes out....

Apocwhen2090d ago

Disappointed this game is getting poor reviews. Seems to be 5 or 6 out of 10 on average.

When EA held back review copies, I had my suspicions it had something to hide and the way the game is now scoring confirms that.


it almost feels like a conspiracy..

I am not a fan of the game at all, but there seem to be enough gamers out there saying the game is good, not amazing, but good that all these average scores seem a little fishy.

while on the other hand you have MW3 which was like the worst MW/cod game so far and most gamers I know don't rate it yet it got the usual 9/10's and 10/10's.

you just can't take reviews serious these days.

Kyosuke_Sanada2090d ago

It's always like that. Even for Final Fantasy XI, game play is considered archaic and boring yet when it was implemented in Final Fantasy XII it is suddenly revolutionary.

DarkTower8052090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

@Dark Witness, I wouldn't say a conspiracy, but I think reviewers are FINALLY standing up to all these vanilla COD copycats with no soul. EA withholding review copies might have been the straw that broke the camels back. Wayyyy too many 5/10s now to be coincidence. Honestly, it's about time. How many more modern military fps games do we need? Let COD be COD, but other devs shouldn't try to ride it's coattails. We had this same situation with WWII fps last gen, but this is past rediculous this gen. Enough is enough.

emartini2089d ago

Thats not whats going on here. Reviewers are pist cause the dev team didnt send them the final copy of the game till we all got it. It put them in a inconvience. They usually get the game a few days early so they can have the review ready by lanch. They are all being spitful towards the review cause they had ti wait like everyone else.

dkgshiz2090d ago

This was expected
Huge day one patch

EA asking reviewers not to release reviews until the end of the week

Little too no hype.
The list goes on and on.

Soldierone2090d ago

I have a gameplay question for anyone playing it. Did the different Breach option have any effect on the the gameplay? I figured you know a crowbar would be good for sneaking missions while explosives were for rooms full of people? Yet I tried several options on the same doors and it always ended up being the same in the end....

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