Halo 4 is the most expensive Microsoft game, "Nothing's even close"

GV: Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Phencer has just revealed that Halo 4 is the most expensive game Microsoft has ever made.

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Smurf12096d ago

Quite amazing. 360's biggest game.

Blaze9292096d ago

Yeah MS has a lot to prove with Halo 4. Not only do they have to fight doubts about it being handled by a studio other than Bungie - but I had no idea Reach was such a bad game in a sense of a lot of halo fans, didn't like it. So if Halo 4 again disappoints, probably won't look good for Halo 5 and Halo 6.

Me, I'm a Halo fan to the death of me. So can't wait, loved Reach

A7XEric2096d ago

I'm just curious why so many people didn't like Reach? Only thing I can imagine is because of loadouts and reticule bloom, but it had so many great things going for it.

AAs were a great evolution of the useless equipment from 3, Forge and Firefight were both IMMENSELY improved, the return of the Pistol, return of Elites in campaign, Armor customization was a huge step above Halo 3's, new Invasion game type, no Flood, etc. Honestly, Reach is probably the most well rounded Halo game Bungie ever made.

kopicha2096d ago

Not sure why people hate Reach. I actually love it.

Mainsqueeze2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

Personally i thought Halo:Reach was the worst Halo yet. I still liked it and iv'e been playing it the last couple of weeks because i'm still a huge Halo fan. Bloom was the worst idea they have had for a halo yet and i'm glad its gone, it completely destroyed Reaches chances of being at MLG. Plus some of the armor abilities, like armor lock, are just stupid. The abilities in Halo 4 look way more balanced. The campaign felt way more linear and constricted than previous Halos and they didn't come out with a single new mp map that was memorable in any way. Just seemed like Bungie wanted to be done with Halo already.

omi25p2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I personally hated reach yet im a HUGE Halo Fan. I still own all the games except reach.

Ive read the majority of the novels and comics, Ive watched the anime and im loving FOTD

Yet i cannot point out a single reason why i dont like reach. I didnt like the campaign but dont know why. I Hated the multiplayer with a passion yet i dont know why.

I literally had every achievement for that game except reaching a certain level in the multiplayer and buying something because i just couldn't face it.

Yet a year later when Anniversary came out i decided to play the old maps on the reach engine and loved it.

I'm considering re buying Reach but im going to wait till Halo 4 is out

StanLee2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I loved Reach. I guess there was a sense by Halo purists that Halo was becoming Call of Duty or more accessible. Who knows. The game still has a huge community so maybe the hate was more perception than fact.

NegativeCreepWA2096d ago

The loadouts killed it for me.

4Sh0w2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I don't think alot of people hated Reach, just a vocal minority that always complain about change, just like the vocal minority that will always say that a popular game is still the same as before. In rare cases its justified (Madden) but mostly its just bias. Point is you can't satisfy everybody but in the end its irrevelant what critics say a great game is a great game despite whether its too similar or changed too much as long as the overall execution ends up amazing its still an outstanding game that the vast majority of fans and gamers will love.

dragonrage002096d ago

I dont know why people dont like reach either. Im guessing its because of the MP maps. If they didnt like it because reach was more similar to COD, they will hate 4 too, cuz it has lots of COD influence.

EVILDEAD3602096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

LOL @ people pretending that some ridiculous amount of Halo fans thought Reach was a horrible game.

I beat Reach in Normal to get through it fast so I could play Multi. But, Reach on Legendary was F-ing LEGENDARY.

The ambition of the multiplayer STILL hasnt been touched by ANY game thus far.

Until maybe now.

NOBODY still touches the quality of the matchmaking, Forge or Theater on consoles alone.

Bungie threw the proverbial kitchen sink at the multiplayer.

People keep talking about needed a bunch of exclusives just to have them.

Microsoft took Halo, put together what may be the best development team ever assembled and gave them a blank check.

THAT is taking care of your hardcore fans of a franchise that literally put you where you are today.


Sabian1872096d ago

Reach was a good game. But, if you had read the Halo books...then it was a real letdown.
Fall of Reach would have been an awesome game if they had used it for the script instead of the rewritten, reimagined drivle that Reach used.

Plus Armorlock killed MP for me.

Irishguy952096d ago

I liked Reach quite alot, the new story(from Fall of Reach) didn't make much sense either yeah but...whatever

Neko_Mega2095d ago

No, the only true thing Halo 4 has to prove. Is if it can go head to head with COD BO2.

I think thats going to be the real test their.

Kurt Russell2095d ago

Reach's campaign was pretty fun. Running through treacle in the MP was a bit poops. (without mentioning all the other flaws of MP)

Eyeco2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

You know its weird because I personally feel that Reach is the most refined Halo game yet it's not much fun for me, the online is incredible the community features were great, the campaign just wasn't that compelling to me it just felt like a chore especially on legendary (I always play Halo games 2nd time on legendary) some levels were nice like in New Alexandria but then some were so drag especially the last act of the game.

My personal favourite is Halo 2 mainly because of the amount of fun I had with it, everyday after school, 4 player split screen, blood gulch with your friends, just great memories.

On a footnote the one Halo game I generally dislike is ODST, that game seriously grinds my gears, and I don't know why.

SaffronCurse2095d ago

I didn't hate Reach, i just found it to be "different" . I didn't sink as many hours as i did with Halo 3.

Shepherd 2142095d ago

Reach was a great game in a general sense, but you're a huge halo fan, there were tons of things to nitpick at if you were in a bad mood.

Reach had pretty bad maps that were not competitive or enjoyable to play on. The story deviated from the book Fall of Reach, and it was a letdown if you had read that book. Vehicles were made out of paper and there were plenty of other things like armor lock to rage over. But if you were having a decent day, reach was a good halo game.

Syntax-Error2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Reach and ODST were major disappointments. To be a war going on for the survival of your planet, it damn sure felt like I was by myself. You only encountered the other soldiers a few times. I felt Mass Effect 3 and (wait for it) Resident Evil 6 made you feel the sense of urgency for mankind's existence. Especially Chris' campaign. Fighting alongside your brothers in arms during a chaotic event is what makes you feel immersed. I didn't get that from those 2 games. I think Halo 4 is a step in the right direction and I am glad we get to see it through another developers eyes, because I felt Bungie got lazy.

If I had to choose...Halo 2 was the best so far. Looks like 4 might be able to beat it. Just like I think Black Ops 2 will destroy MW3. Kinda ironic considering IW was king at one time. Hope 343 makes Halo fans just as happy

You are comparing an exclusive title to a multi-platform title. How does that make any sense? Black Ops 2 will sell 15-17M and Halo 4 will probably sell 13M. That in itself is success. Halo 3 did 11.6M which is the most successful one to date, but this will surly be a winner. Especially with all the positive reviews.

Darrius Cole2095d ago


Maybe overall Halo 2 was best, because it brought online MP to Halo, but the Halo 1 campaign was the best in the Halo franchise.

dedicatedtogamers2095d ago

Other than the ending (which was lame, in my opinion, but that's just me), Reach was WAY better than either ODST or Halo 3. The scope was bigger, the weapons were cooler, the battles were more frantic, and the graphics were better.

So...yeah, I don't understand how Halo fans can praise Halo 3 but then hate on Reach. Halo 3 was dumb.

pixelsword2095d ago


Didn't hate ODST, but I didn't love it.

Reach filled a gap of knowledge, so I don't hate it at all. I only wished it left a really good impression that other Spartans were out there, you know, to turn the tide in any future games.

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Anon19742096d ago

This certainly has me intrigued. Let's hope most of that money is ending up in development as opposed to marketing. 343 certainly has big shoes to fill and as a gamer and Halo fan I'm quite excited at the prospect of them pulling this off.

nukeitall2096d ago

With the amount of talent MS has hired, I would say they put that money into good use.

Great marketing doesn't hurt either, because online games aren't fun unless there is a real big and active community!

MikeMyers2095d ago

How much was spent on the actual game and how much is being spent on marketing?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2095d ago

30 million to game, 30 million to marketing.

Welshy2096d ago

Budget doesn't necessarily make a game bigger or better than any other game.

I'd rather they were telling me it was going to the best and overshadow the previous title than how many dollar signs they are throwing at it tbh.

I'm in no way suggesting it will be a bad game or anything close, i always pick up the Halo games and had a blast online with Reach and have no doubt Halo 4 will be a bunch of fun too, but i'm hoping they just mean no other game has cost as much to make/advertise, because budget =/= quality or fun factor in my opinion.

Trekster_Gamer2096d ago

Bigger Budget brought the best talent.. I think this will be the Best looking, playing, possibly best story to date.

Welshy2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

Money doesn't define talent, the guys at 343 are obviously very good at what they do, but to suggest money = talent? that's like saying you cannot produce world class stuff if a big firm isn't paying mega-bucks for you.

Just look at Little Big Planet for example, a small UK team who locked their heads together and made one of the greatest and most polished platformers seen for years, they weren't on millions of dollars or anything like it and they pulled that out the bag.

I won't disagree click you, we're all inclined to our opinions, but to suggest spending mega bucks means you get the best team and ultimately best product, i have to say i think you're dead wrong.

One word/game title to define my point: HAZE.

palaeomerus2096d ago

"Just look at Little Big Planet for example, a small UK team who locked their heads together and made one of the greatest and most polished platformers seen for years, they weren't on millions of dollars or anything like it and they pulled that out the bag. "

Little Big Planet is nowhere near as big, well loved, or as important as Halo and really didn't amount to all that much. And "most polished"? WTF? It was floaty, got boring pretty fast, and got a sequel, a cart racer spin off, and some portable ports none of which set the world on fire. You really don't hear people getting excited about it anymore either. That "talent" didn't produce anything major that lasts or matters all that much like say Mojang did.

ShaunCameron2096d ago

@ TheFaceless

No. For all the accolades it got, LBP is nowhere near the benchmark for platformers like H is for FPS's.

trouble_bubble2095d ago

Easy, guy never dissed Halo, no need to diss LBP. Your points are reversible anyways. Halo Wars, ODST and Anniversary aren't exactly "still talked about", and didn't exactly "set the world on fire" either with averages lower than most other brand name FPS's this gen in the Crysis, Far Cry, COD, Battlefield, L4D, Resistance, Killzone series. Look it up. Right now. You're welcome.

COD surpassed Halo to become the defacto "benchmark" FPS 5 years ago, critically and commercially. I don't even like COD, but its clear as day by all the devs that borrow from it every year. No ADS is archaic by today's standards. I wish 343 luck, but lets not give them the key to the city just yet. RE6 had an astronomical budget and a dev crew in the hundreds too. Money doesn't equal innovation. Look at juggernaut EA's MOH: Warfighter currently tanking. I -think- that was part of Faceless' point.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

How many aaa exclusives from in house devs have they spent money on? Just sayin I am pretty sure this wasn't hard to do.

or am I mistaken?

I am pretty sure every halo is there biggest project. Halo 5 will mostly be there most expensive also even more.

Pixel_Enemy2095d ago

You only got disagrees from buthurt fans. Everything you said is true.

otherZinc2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

This is the game of the year, period. With everything Halo 4 is doing...No game offers this much, none.

M$ should sell 3million (minimum) day 1: thats $180million.

I figure it will reach 6million by January thats: 360million. This isn't including the $100 version or the Special Console Halo 4.

Halo 4 will make more than its money. Also, 343 will have the template for Halo 5 & Halo 5 wont be as expensive.

raekwaan2095d ago

ummm pull those figures out your bum didya?

Lvl_up_gamer2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

@ raekwaan

Use your head.

OtherZinc is making a rough estimation based on the sales from Halo's history.

I would say they are reasonably accurate. Why would you even doubt them? Halo has 1 million US ONLY preorders right now.

Halo 3 made $170 million in it's first day in the USA alone and $300 million in it's first week globally selling 3.8 million in it's first week.

Halo Reach made $200 million world wide in 24 hours and sold 4 million in it's first week.

OtherZinc's numbers are not unreasonable considering Halo's history of sales. If anything, I would say he is undercutting what will be the minimum.

NonApplicable2095d ago

I can see your excited, but rationalize a bit.

1) You have yet to play the game(as have many), so it is impossible to confirm game of the year status.

2) Gamers don't play sales.

Jaces2095d ago

Wish they'd spend that kind of money on other games rather than a singular title.

WetN00dle692095d ago

MS needs new IP's BAD!

hellvaguy2095d ago

They do have dozens of Ip's, that sadly no ever plays. The bright spot on the new Ip's you see as live downloads. Many of them sell well.

Jaces2095d ago

Talking full retail games, not some download.

DigitalAnalog2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Is that may actually cost as much if not more than GTA IV. Heck the Uncharted series was only about $20 mil each.

Gamer19822095d ago

Not surprising since they hardly ever spend money on there own games in the past halo was made by bungie not Ms direct they were more of a 2nd party thats why they were allowed to go in the end. MS spend there money on exclusive rights usually than actual games.

showtimefolks2095d ago

That's understandable it's their biggest game. Other games have cost more to make but as the headlines says ts ms biggest budget game

Btw are they also talking about advertisement budget? Halo 3 had a huge ad campaign

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SageHonor2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I wish they couldve told us the development cost in the article.

wastedcells2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

They spent 10 million on forward unto dawn alone.. But GTA4 was rumored at 100 million and it was the most expensive game ever made. So it's gotta be over 100 million.

Heavenly King2096d ago

M$ did not make GTAIV so it may be much less :)

Blankman852096d ago

Most expensive MICROSOFT game. GTA IV Rockstar, not Microsoft.

ALLWRONG2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

3 billion? WOW!

@aviator189 uh... yeah I know that. Couldn't you have just figured it out?

aviator1892096d ago

the franchise is worth that much. that's not halo 4's budget.

MerkinMax2096d ago

Hey ALLWRONG, you post "3 billion? WOW!" in an article about the cost of Halo 4's production, it is easy to see why you would get called out.

JasonKCK2096d ago

I got it, and obviously so did you. The only people who wont get it are the people who just read the title.

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Megaton2096d ago

I'm sure they'll eclipse the developing cost in ad budget.