Forza Horizon Is Beautiful - New Video Game Releases - 26/10/2012

From this week and each week until we reach Christmas we will see some major releases from developers as they try to pull in gamers to buy the games in droves.

Some kick ass games out for everything this week. Forza: Horizon is really good looking, dont you think?

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josephayal2160d ago

Beautiful and addictive game

Fasttrack762160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

I second that , online playground is so much fun...

s3arch2160d ago

Meh, this game is crap. The blur, the boxy graphics, UGLY. I am now at the end of my tether with my XBOX and considering selling it as I am being used to use all my money on games that are unfinished and LOOK TERRIBLE!

DivineAssault 2159d ago

The PS family welcomes you with open arms.. Not only will u have the option to get these multiplat titles, but also opens up a variety of exclusive games & features to choose from..

The new slim model is a great value.. Especially if u sell the xbox to knock off some of the price.. U wont be disappointed

IRetrouk2159d ago

Dont know what game you are playing but my version looks and runs really well. Stick to your pc. I think it suits you better

EverydayGuy2159d ago

Shouldn't this be posted in the Xbox 360 section?

GameTechZero2159d ago

Have you read the article? Its regarding new game releases in the UK. So it relates to not just Xbox 360 but other games on other platforms also.

EverydayGuy2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Personally I don't like how you use the title, then went into how dev rush games. Then went into things about the other consoles and handhelds. I think you should write more about how Forza is beautiful, instead of a small paragraph.

I guess the second part of the title would cover that... So my bad on that part.

s3arch2159d ago

Yes but the people who write these articles are using silly marketing schemes!! No PS3 is really bad, I like the Xbox 360 service and a nicer selection of games for my preference. PS3 controller is crap, graphics are nicer on Xbox and this is coming from an experienced PC gamer with a good rig. I just enjoy my friends company on Xbox but most other users are tossers!! But I bet it is like that on PSN.