SingStar XMB Icon - This Is What Horrible PR Is Like

Europe Playstation owners are mighty pissed right now, and for good reason. The new PS3 patch did something no one thought Sony would ever do. Place an advertisement in the XMB. There is now an icon for the game Singstar sitting on top of the Game category, bigger than any other icons and you can't delete it or move it. It's there and there's nothing you can do about it.

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PirateThom2158d ago

I hope someone at Sony went through her for those responses.

She's not responsible for the icon, but she also didn't need to attack people who felt it should not have been there. It's poor customer service.

I'd rather then person who thinks it's acceptable try to justify it and take the feedback.

-Mika-2157d ago

I honestly don't even blame her. These people are bitching over 1 little icon that not even affecting them in the slightest. The singstar icon basically replaced the trophy icon so it didn't even add to the # of icons that under the game tab. Those people were basically nitpicking over something they can easily ignore

PirateThom2157d ago

You can't easily ignore it though, that's the point.

As soon as you turn on the console, you get two generic white people with mics and cheesey grins on a bright blue background.

It's basically one of the most obtrusive ads on the system.

KUV19772157d ago

It's not really an ad, as it is just the background for the app. If you insert a game disc you will not have this problem and the game will also show it's background, which will also not be an ad. I always have a disc in the system so I don't see it all the time.

I am however still annoyed with the icon, since I have all my digital content nicely organized in folders... well all but the Singstar icon which always floats on top.

What I really don't understand sometimes is how SONY comes up with these things. Do they sit around a table and the first guy says the logical way to implement it - just to make sure it is not the way to do things - and then everyone else thinks of a way to implement it differently. In the end they either choose the worst or one at random. I'm pretty sure that is how it works since that is not the first time SONY made absolutely mind-boggling choices concerning their software.

Nitrowolf22157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I'm one of the people who are actually annoyed with the icons, and all these other ones that can't be deleted. Honestly, why can't Sony just offer them as a downloadable app from the PS Store like the Vita.

It's not the fact that it will be adding any extra space or anything, it's the fact that it's there and not even played/wanted by some people. The ion should have been optional, as go for every other app icon they added.

And as Kuv said, how does Sony come up with those ideas? Look I can understand, this is smart marketing. People who never played Singstar will download it and potentially like it then buy songs.

We want the option to remove it, that is all.

Hellsvacancy2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Its got NO purpose being on my XMB, so I should have the choice to remove it

We get two Playstation Store icons (which i dont understand)

Also, whenever I look at my trophy collection for whatever reason it syncs to the server everytime now, I dont need PS+ before you start on at me, I got two buddies (AU, USA) that share there PS+ stuff with me so I dont need it, it was fine before, it use to sync every once in a while, not everytime though

Fu<k you very much Sony

darthv722157d ago

trying to get a response that is unbecoming of someone in a role of customer interaction.

I see it all the time. those who can maintain their cool are the ones these jackholes want to target most.

No disrespect to those legit people who have a problem but we all know there are those who just want to take anything and start crap about it.

Now I dont know what this would be like personally. i am in the US but I can honestly say i would like to get a freebie like this if they offered it to me. Would it really be that intrusive to see the same icon background when I turned on my ps3? Not really. i see that now.

in fact, the initial background is from UC3 but then it changes once all fished booting and it shows whatever was the last game I played was. When i was on a quest for booty kick, that was the default background that would be there after starting.

Now its joe danger. And to think, in less than a second you can switch to another app icon and the background changes. Oh the horror of seeing singstar for half a second.

Its sony's xmb not yours. They can populate it however they wish. You as the individual can also choose to play a game, or go to home or got to the store or watch a vid...all sorts of things you can do immediately after your system starts.

Is this really what has become of ps3 owners (some not all)?

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StraightPath2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

When I saw this was outraged but the crappy updates sony is infamous for as I vita only only good thing you can see your vit trophies on ps3. Sony has been giving useless updates for years they better remove the singstar icon what a load of bs. In gaming sections of xbox u dnt see anything n if there was advert there neatly oyt of the way in little boxes. Awful advert for people dnt care about awful singstar.

DigitalRaptor2157d ago

You don't have a PS3, so please, just don't lie. Comment history says it all!

Cam9772157d ago

I hate it. It adds an additional space for something I'll never use in an important tab - it's ridiculous.

HarryMasonHerpderp2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

This is how it starts though.
One little advertisement will turn into many before you know it. I'm glad people are complaining about it. The more complaints the better.
Either way her reply to the people complaining was immature and unprofessional and she should be fired straight away.

DavidMacDougall2157d ago

completely with you, if no one complained they would just take advantage, before u know it you'll have forced play for free games stuck on ur system you dont even like.

doogiebear2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Why are all u clowns crying? I'll give u 2 reasons why it's not worth crying about:

Assuming it is an advertisement: At least it's for a Sony game, not a 3rd party one. So sony isnt making any money from it, and do u know why? Because the "advert" is to inform people of a new FREE-to-play version of Singstar (once again, no money made by Sony)

And my 2nd reason: The icon is just a picture now, but it will soon be a link to the free to play game, much like "playstation life"and "playstation home" are. So STFU losers and quit complaining. Sony just wants more people (especially new players who just recently bought a super slim ps3) to be able to find their free games easier (even if it's in the ps store, people may not find the free games, and thus sony loses money running online servers for free games like DCUO, Singstar, ps home, Free Realms, etc all the while most people dont know about some of these free by putting an icon there, people can know the game is FREELY available. Hopefully they put all their free games on that one icon, so that it doesn't take up any space. But other than that, u morons need to quit complaining, because Sony is doing a very awesome thing here by even letting u be informed of their soon to be free-to-play game, let alone allowing u to play it (when it releases). So STFU cry baby's.

PirateThom2157d ago

So, why not put it on the store like their other free to play games? You know, that new store that just went live?

It's an obtrusive ad that adds clutter to the menu.

doogiebear2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

@ Thom: read my response again, it tells u exactly why it's not only in the store, but also on xmb: BECAUSE it's an actual app. It will work like ps home, where much of the game will be played accross online servers, like ps home. Some resources will be in ps3, but others inside ps3 to run the game. It's also on xmb incase people dont notice it in the store.

Ads for games IN STORE are replaced every week. So people who didnt see it one week, will likely never see it again. So by putting it on xmb, it not only informs people of the nice FREE game Sony gave u, but also guarantees that Sony will have players enjoying there's game (instead of never knowing it existed) and this will make sure Sony isnt running online servers for a free game no one will ever play or know about. It costs money to support singstar because the online servers cost money to run. Plus the liscensing deals made with artists cost money too.

So Sony just wants people to know of the free game and to have an easy to click link. So f*cking relax! People are making these crazy demands and raging over a free service, while xbox clowns PAY to go online, and still get hit with ads, YET get no free games, despite paying, and even they dont berate M$ and complain. So get off of Sony's back, it's not a mere advertisement: It's a FREE GAME, and a damned expensive one for Sony to run too (I bought Singstar last year and it cost me $80 as a gift to my wife, and it really is an amazing game, with thousands of songs and stuff. Now all u new guys get an enhanced version that lets u use a headset instead of mic (which was bulk of retail cost) all for free. Plus, if your single, there are many women online who still play so it's a good way to interact with female gamers). But qualities aside, it's still just a free game. Stop being a sissy. I'd flip out too if I was a PR for Sony and people were calling it an advert when it wasnt. It's soon to be a link to play the game, just like PS Home. And since it's a FREE game and a 1st party game, sony makes no money from this. God forbid they should provide a free, quality, family-friendly game for the holidays at no charge -_-

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Beetey2157d ago

It doesn't really matter what the situation was, she should have known better than to talk to customers like that. If Sony knows what best for them, they'll fire her and issue an apology ASAP.

jerethdagryphon2157d ago

am i bothered no does this possibly make me interested yes i have 2 young nieces might try it for them

Blankman852157d ago

Have you met these guys; . ! ? , ? I doubt it.

Chapulin2157d ago

Nina always kids around with everyone. Not a big deal to me.

Neonridr2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

No offense, but if someone was whining to me about an icon on their dashboard, I might have the same response to them, grow up. You think I am happy with Xbox Live putting adverts all over the place? No, I pay for the service so I feel like we shouldn't be subjected to all this extra crap that you would normally expect to be on a free service since it acts as a source of revenue on the free services. However I am not going to stop using my Xbox because I don't like the ads. Same will go for all you Sony users. Sure, it might be a nuisance, but demanding that they remove it immediately is childish and immature.

Saturne32157d ago

I dont see adds on xbox dashboard game section...

Cam9772157d ago

Well Xbox live just sucks if they place ads in a subscription-based service. You only mean money to MS. On the other hand, PSN - a free service - ad free.

Neonridr2157d ago

doesn't the PS+ cost money?

HarryMasonHerpderp2157d ago

PS+ is an extra.
You don't need it to play online.

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