The SIXAXIS Report 02/12/2008

Will the PS3 be shipping with Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 in the near future? Does 411 Mania really have a guilty pleasure for Go! Sports Skydiving? The answer to these questions and news on Epic vs. Insomniac, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Echochrome, GTA IV, Street Fighter IV screens, Hot Shots Golf and Twisted Metal on PS3, and more in the SIXAXIS Report.....

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Joey Gladstone3784d ago

Now that would be a great way to get all of the people hesitant about trying out Linux a chance to experiment with it a little, and get a real good feel for the program.........NOT TRYING TO BASH but I honestly wonder if Microsoft will at any time open up the Xbox360 a little to the possibility of Linux or any other external programs?
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

QuackPot3784d ago

Sony should have developed and preinstalled its own fast,optimized distro of linux that had full access to the h/w - sony linux os.

it should have also included optimized versions of Openoffice, theGimp, inkscape, Scribus, nVu, Thunderbird & firefox so you have all your basic productivity needs.

The ps3 should have been a Pc alternative from the very start.

just as i was saying a year ago...the Pc Console (games,internet,media center,productivity) is the future.

make it so Sony............and bring on your version of the wiimote - the playmote.

The Duck has spoken.

ATLRoAcH3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago ) probably the worst game I have ever played.Its so bad I laughed about it for like an hour.Captain Rainbow...holy sh!t...Captain Rainbow...are you f#@king serious.I give it 8 out of 10 because it made me laugh.Only $4.99 and I've never been more ripped off.

MAsTeR_STrInGER3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

the sixaxis is a complete failure!! the XBOX 360 controller is far more fitting for the gaming industry AND COMMUNITY!. playstation brand is a joke like a missle d*ck or some sh*t!!

ATLRoAcH3784d ago

but not the ha ha kind of funny.

xsteinbachx3784d ago

does it pleasure you to look so retarded? that's why your in the open zone, and that's where you'll stay.

TwissT3784d ago

Yeah you must be an expert on failures your xbox 360 fails all the time lol. Sorry couldn't help it, he was asking for it.

Reggie Fils- Aime3784d ago

i agree the SixAxis is a failure, but so is the Xbreak controller

the Wiimote is the best controller out there

PoeBoy3784d ago

"the XBOX 360 controller is far more fitting for the gaming industry AND COMMUNITY"

I own both systems... That said, you couldn't be any farther off by your comment.

The 360 controller is heavy, bulky, sh!tty wireless, sh!tty headphone jack, and you have to buy the rechargeable battery pack separately.

The SixAxis 'feature' of the controller does not work well. But all in all they did a much better job on the PS3 controller then the 360.

And to compare the ps3 / 360 controller to the Wii... They are in 2 different categories. One is for gamers & the other is for small children and the elderly.

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Joey Gladstone3784d ago

"The game was controlled entirely by the analog sticks. As far as I know that is a complete glitch and it isn't supposed to happen at all"...
... there any Validity to his claim? Has anyone else got Lair to work with the Analog Sticks? If so I might have to pick up Lair...
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

pwnsause3784d ago

there has been a rumor that factor 5 might patch lair to use alternate contols(analog sticks) if so, the game should be re-reviewed.

Ju3784d ago

Lair always worked with analog stick thru remote play and (!) with an USB controller. I used a Logitech Dualshock (is that the name, gotta look that up), and that, if connected always is recognized as the first controller, then the SIXAXIS follows as "2" and so on.

So, what he did is, he had a USB wheel which got the first slot assigned. But Lair requires a slot "1" to play. That works fine with my USB controller, but he had to reassign the slot - which you can do without disconnecting the USB controller. Just go to the PS menu and reassign the controller to one. Seams if you do so, the sticks are active on the SIXAXIS and not the motion sensing. Interesting find.

Reggie Fils- Aime3784d ago

who cares about what the POS3 does when you can be having so much fun with the Wii

Droids and Bots have lost- Wii is the victor with its outstanding software

PoeBoy3784d ago

My 4 year old nephew plays the Wii... Other then Wii bowling... the system sucks and is for little kids like yourself

Reggie Fils- Aime3784d ago

the Reggie-meister is 46 years old so stop crying about the crap games on the crap console you have whether it be the POS3 or Xbreak 3fixme

PoeBoy3784d ago

Do you always refer to yourself in 3rd person? Creepy...

And once again, you fit the category in which the Wii is perfect for you. Is that how you get your daily exercise?

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