Ten Sports Games Worthy Of A Remake

Game Informer - This console generation hasn’t been friendly to sports gamers. While many of the mainstay franchises are still releasing high-quality editions, the one-time sea of sports games has dried up into a wading pool. Fans only have one option for NHL, NBA, and NFL simulations, we lost NCAA basketball games altogether, and arcade-style experiences are becoming increasingly rare. To reverse this bad trend, we’d love to see some of these dormant sports franchises come off the bench to give the genre a spark.

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optimus2090d ago

I agree with most of these; however, i would like to see ready to rumble make a return or any other boxing game for that matter outside of the neglected one from EA who's name eludes me at the moment...(my point exactly)...

Also, that motorcycle racing game, also from EA where you can battle as you ride.