10 Most Terrifying Video Game Creations of All Time

WC - Like most fans of horror films, I find myself becoming increasingly less-scared by them as the years go by, and so I’ve deferred more and more to the challenging world of video games for my visceral thrills, what with its interactive and generally less-predictable nature. From when my parents would – rather irresponsibly – let me play Resident Evil at the tender age of 8, to the present day, where I still can’t shake the thoughts of that creepy little girl as I try to get to sleep, terrifying antagonists in video games have defined some of my most memorable and enjoyable gaming experiences to date. Here’s the ten that shook me up the most.

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ritsuka6662125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

Nemesis> all others monsters of Resident Dogshit 6. ;0

Benjamminkno2125d ago

Tyrant was awesome!!

And so was Wesker!