Before GTA V: 10 Biggest ‘WTF’ Moments From GTA History

WC - GTA is perhaps one of the most controversial games still in existence today. Why? Well, for a start, there are so many things to talk about. You’ve got your extreme violence; check. You’ve got your sex and nudity; check. You’ve got your foul language; check. Those are the aspects of the series that see the game repeatedly dragged before the mainstream media to be vilified for turning our children into marauding, car-thieving, hooker-beating animals. Or something like that.

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Cam9771969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

A few:
When the guy from LCS eats someone.
The IV serial killer!
Bernie's missions from IV - they were a joke.

Here are the ones from the article to save you time (it's one per page.):
Ryder/Big Smoke's betrayal
When Tommy gets a mansion
Racing Claude in SA
The shower dildo from GRAND THEFT AUTO SA
"Three leaf clover" from IV
The man's incensored privates from TLAD
BASE jumping in SA
The train heist from TBOGT
CW drug dealing
The jet pack from SA

Not some obvious candidates the author has selected in there.

claud31968d ago

their are more than that...