GTA V Reveal: 10 Things We Want Rockstar To Announce

WC - Ever since Rockstar North announced GTA V, the latest in their famed sandbox title, fans all over the world have been clamouring for more information, which up until now, the developer has been somewhat reticent with. In fact, in the year since learning of its existence, fans have only been treated to one trailer, a handful of screenshots and, as of yesterday, the first piece of artwork for the game (above).

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Despair6662120d ago

Hardware requirements for the pc would be nice

DoomeDx2120d ago

Whatculture..again this shit?

All they have been doing for the past year is writing top 10 articles..there are like 20 articles about a GTA 5 top 10..

Horrible site

pandehz2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Yup I hate that darn site.

They should rename it www.top10reasonstonotvisitthis

I havent clicked on it yet, dont want to give them the pleasure of my visit.

Did they list the 10 things on 10 different pages as usual?

wastedcells2120d ago

There is only one thing they need to announce.....a release date.

Audiggity2120d ago

Wow. That was the whiniest top 10 list I've ever read... haha, seriously? You are begging R* to release details? Why? There are millions of comments/demands/requests/theo ries aimed at R* to provide details... you begging them for details won't change their multi-million dollar gameplan.

Unless of course, wait! This was just Google bait to drive traffic and spike ad revenue for

Damn. I fell for it.

Smokeeye1232120d ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 = insta-preorder.

2120d ago
jd6662120d ago

I want to be able to stop clicking on these awful GTAV 'articles'!!! But I can't!! STOP APPROVING RUBBISH WHOEVER KEEPS DOING IT!!!!

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