You're Right, We Aren't Journalists

OnlySP: "I love writing, especially when it’s about video games. But does that make me a gaming journalist? No, it doesn’t."

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nrvalleytime1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Well written man. Thoroughly enjoyed the piece, especially this last bit:

"But I will never try to pass myself as a professional gaming journalist until I have the credentials to prove it, which will more than likely never happen and I’m OK with that. I’ll continue to write and do my best to fulfill my dream of turning OnlySP into an actual company someday. And no, I didn’t write this to do a noble act or provide a better outlook for games journalism/blogging, whatever the hell you call it. I wrote it simply because I want people to KNOW why I’m here, right now, writing for a site that my team and I built."

Refreshing honesty, and a welcome change from many of the sites I've seen on N4G. Keep up the good work.

gaffyh1942d ago

Honestly, I don't see the issue with the Geoff Keighley image at all. I bet he hated to do that photoshoot, but had to because he needs publishers on board for the VGAs to continue. Leave the guy alone Eurogamer (you guys are just as bad) and the rest, he's just trying to make a living.

PockyKing1942d ago

It wasn't even a photoshoot...somebody took a screen grab of a video interview, NeoGaf got a hold of it and made a post titled "Games Journalism" and that's where this whole outcry started. Then Eurogamer's post came along, being somewhat related, but focusing more on the actual insides of the industry and people working in it.

JBSleek1942d ago

Here in lies the fallacy though.

Let's assume you had these "credentials" then would your opinion be more valid than someones else because I would venture to say no.

Reviews, articles and predictions are usually just opinion therefore you can't be "qualified" to say that Call of Duty is an 8/10 game.

My personal opinion of course.

DarkTower8051942d ago

Reviews and predictions are ALWAYS, not usually, opinions. You're right though, credentialed or not, one writers opinions should always hold little weight. It's the sheeple clicking on flamebait articles and reviews that are to blame for poor "journalism". These sheeple can be so easily manipulated like marionettes that there is no way websites hungry for clicks will stop with the flamebait headlines/reviews/articles.

Any given day a person can come here and see flamebait articles, then click on the comment section to see all the sheeple riled up giving a piece 500°+. It's why I'm frequenting this site less and less, everyday it's less news and more flamebait.

lawks_land1941d ago

Good work, Nick. Written from the heart.