Huge gallery from Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

Over 60 images from a portable assassin.

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jetpacksheep1971d ago

These screens look a little muddy, the previous screenshots and video I've seen from the game look a lot sharper. Maybe these were taken with the Vita itself in which case the screenshots do come out a little blurrier

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jeffrey2221971d ago

yeah.. it's taken from the vita itself using the screenshot function.

cause the game got leaked

andibandit1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Looks like something from the 2006.
Anyways i dont think the Vita version will sell well, since i know that after playing AC3, my thirst for AC will be quenched for a year or so.

3-4-51971d ago

It does look like something from 2006................on a CONSOLE.

CaptCalvin1971d ago

I'd say that although these screenshots probably aren't representative, it does show that the game runs at a lower resolution than the Vita screen. The press images were in fact bullshots, taken with resolutions at the Vita's native resolution plus antialiasing. It'll look better when shrunk back to Vita's screen size, but in terms of resolution, it is what it is.

CaptCalvin1971d ago

I have a Vita too and I love it to bits, but the reality of the situation is this: devs making games for the Vita, at least for now, tend to run their games in sub-native resolution. Sure it looks tolerable on the Vita screen considering the Vita's tight pixel density, but if games run at Vita's native resolution, they'd look so much better.

CalvinKlein1971d ago

I dont know but that is pretty large compared to the vitas screen. And My monitor at larger I think has larger pixels and worse color than the vita screen.

I already know what it looks like from watching the gameplay videos on the vita from the psn store and it looks pretty impressive for a handheld.

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HammadTheBeast1971d ago


DasTier1971d ago

I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no interest in playing as a black woman. It would be like being stuck with Rochelle for the entire L4D2 campaign...

r211971d ago

Im not sure if you're trolling or being serious so I'll just say this. If you're not going to play a game cause of the character being a lady, then you probably are missing out on a new experience.

Krew_921970d ago

I'm pretty sure he's just trolling. It's so obvious...