Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online site is now live

"The site features multiple images, stories, and information on Bethesda's upcoming MMO.

No word on whether the game will be offered for PS3... sorry - we couldn't help it."

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KangarooSam2160d ago

Having never played an MMO yet being a fan of TES series for years, I think I know how I'll be spending the next few years of my life...

Fyflin2160d ago

I'm not normally a fan of MMOs but I have to admit, this has piqued my interest. I've invested well over 100 hours into Skyrim so I just hope it plays like that rather than a more traditional MMO.

Would be very happy to see it running smoothly on next gen consoles too.

NeotheGamer2160d ago

This may be the game i finally will WANT to upgrade my graphics card for

Dovahkiin2159d ago

I doubt it'll be any more graphically demanding than Skyrim was.

NeotheGamer2159d ago

Tell me that when you are in a 25 man raid and the framerate is 10fps with all the settings to low :D