Ubisoft teases 'The Far Cry Experience' mockumentary starring McLovin

GameDynamo - "The series stars Superbad and Kick-Ass actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse as himself, and features Michael Mando, "the voice and performance capture actor for the game's character Vaas Montenegro."

According to the Ubisoft presser, "The idea behind the project was not to create the movie adapted from the game, but rather to expand the game experience by offering a different perspective on the Far Cry universe."

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gobluesamg2154d ago

Ha that was pretty well done. That guy looks just like the in game character

jd6662154d ago

Probably because he is the ingame character!

beerkeg2154d ago


I really don't see the point of these things when watching a video. I'm pretty sure under 18s know how to put a false date in. I'm well over 18 and most of the time I put in a date that makes me over a hundred years old.

Anyway, yeah that was pretty cool.

pr0digyZA2154d ago

To be honest its a way of covering themselves, they are not stupid they know under 18 will watch (alot of them are probably the ones who will buy it anyway).

PhantomT14122154d ago

They could at least ask only your age, not enter your whole f*cking birth date each time you want to watch a vid...

Jonoc332154d ago

It's a legal requirement dude.
We live in a nanny world.

GrahamGolden2154d ago

the dumbest thing ever ?
lol any retards could put any date they want lol...

BigStef712154d ago

McLovin? Were you violating that young girl? Were you violating her with your penis?