Wii U shortage feared across UK retail

Nintendo's next generation games console is almost certain to sell out immediately in the UK, with retail sources claiming that only 25,000 Wii U systems will be available on day one.

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GraveLord2159d ago

I think Nintendo is intentionally creating a drought to build up hype and create the illusion that this is a hot product.

PygmelionHunter2159d ago

Maybe, maybe... Or it could actually be a hot item already due to being a new, greatly priced Nintendo console coming just before Christmas.

gaffyh2159d ago

It might be hot, but it would be ridiculous if there is a shortage, because they did the same thing last time and people couldn't get a console for months, which is idiotic.

PygmelionHunter2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )


I know man, was a victim of that one myself :(

Don't know if it is because Nintendo is being cautious about it, being a new console and all, and supposedly being sold at a loss or maybe it's giving them a hard time to manufacture so many consoles and controllers to supply in time for release and Christmas like jmc8888 pointed out.

guitarded772159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Any new item in high demand will sell out. Nintendo wouldn't create a shortage when they know initial sales are the peak of desire for the product. Day 1 sales of any new anticipated console are huge, and it's nearly impossible to have enough supply for the demand. Look at iPhone 5 it was sold out day 1... did Apple intentionally create a shortage? Hell no... they wish they had more produced to make more money. Business aren't in the business creating demand, they are in the business of creating supply... we consumers create the demand, and demand for Wii U is high.

ronin4life2159d ago

Iwata had cited production limitations over overwhelming demand as the chief reason for potential product bottleneck-ing.

That we are hearing this after he made this statement seems to imply they are having problems with production speed... regardless of whatever the actual demand actually is.

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doogiebear2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Didn't China have enough slaves to force into labor? Poor 1st world countries need their precious toys asap! Let "Chen" get back to the factory, even on Christmas day, so that the rest of us can enjoy wii u this winter holiday -_-.

People just need to live with the shortage. The title and description makes it seem like it's as bad as a food or water shortage. Not to get overly preachy, but people need to remember what it takes, and exactly WHO is building these things.

I say, let there be a shortage. Let Nintendo (and any other company that uses child labor) use this opportunity to re-direct their own course, and find another manufacturing firm. America and UK has put away the shame of slavery in their respective nations, let's see this shortage as an opportunity to get Nintendo to help end slavery/unjust wages in China (even if it wont outright eliminate China's policy of utilizing sweat shops/child labor for products sold to other/non-international countries)

jmc88882159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

It is a hot product. Companies holding back to create a phenomenon is idiotic. People hold too high of opinion playing with 'psychology'. Companies want money, and holding back loses money, especially when they are already sold out, and one company and only people that are 'members' and don't mind waiting lists have already lined up to the tune of 250,000.

The demand is there, the supply isn't.

The fact remains the system started production not too long ago, and making millions of units is tough to do.

Besides they don't just have to make the unit, they have to make the gamepad, which is the one they are having trouble making so quickly...hence why they aren't selling additional gamepad's at launch, and won't until next year.

Nintendo is a well known brand. People in their 60-70's bought Nintendo systems for their kids almost 30 years ago. The kids that played them are now 30's-50's, and of course all the subsequent sequels.

Let's not forget the Wii topped 100 million sold, so that's 100 million units sitting in homes where people potentially looking forward to a newer, hd unit, with a cool controller.

Plus console shortages seem to be the norm now. 360 check. Wii. Check. PS3 check. Wii U...must be an illusion.

Anyone remember when the ATI 5XXX series came out? The Nvidia 6XX series came out?

Things like this sell out generally. I don't see how this is in any way the fake psychological positioning to trigger bigger sales.

It looks like a hell of a system, even if it's less powerful than my PC. Much like the PS4/720 as well. GTX 670 is probably more raw power than a PS4. If not, it's dang close.

Menchi2159d ago

I'm not even seeing this... I'm only going of anecdotal stuff, but my family, friends and the like who were all over Wii, haven't even heard of Wii U, and I just can't see how it is "SELLING OUT!" everywhere...

It just seems odd that no one seems to know about, advertise it, and yet, it's being put on shortage? Why?

LLJAF2159d ago

Cos core gamers were around way before casuals took it up, thats why it sold out so far and Im sure loads didnt know about the Wii until it was released either.

JsonHenry2159d ago

When does the supply ever meet the demand on a new console at launch?

MNGamer-N2159d ago

Wasn't there a story a while back about a fire at the Assembly plant?

PygmelionHunter2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Haha, your comment ends like you're about to tell us a cryptic and spooky story that links to the shortages.

Just imagine it: "A couple of guys who worked at the plant discovered that the units were possessed and decided to burn the place down to prevent the incoming evil from spreading through the world, unfortunately, they were too late, a large percentage of the units were already shipped overseas. The world might not meet tomorrow's dawn, God help us."

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