Nintendo: No New Wii U Demo Stations Until Next Year

The number of Wii U demo stations is limited until after the holiday season, a Nintendo rep has told us.

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Neonridr2124d ago

makes sense that they don't have too many demo unit stations available. They want to ensure that they have as much hardware as possible for the consumers on launch.

Knushwood Butt2124d ago

They could get Foxcon to ramp up production.

1upgamer992124d ago

Well since pre-orders are sold out as quickly as they even become available, and Gamestop has a wait list of 250,000 people. I think there will be enough buzz around the console. Nintendo, I read yesterday is expected to have a million less units this holiday than they did in the 2006 launch. That is really a bummer....It was really hard to get one back then. Looks like its going to be even harder this time around.

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jon12342124d ago

I just played at a demo station... They should really use another demo than rayman

DOOMZ2124d ago

Needs more demos @ the kiosks... Rayman is the only playable demo. I like it though, just needs something else!