EA Reckons The Medal of Honor Single-Player Campaign "Can Range From 5-15 Hours"

Eurogamer- EA this week pulled from its own website its claim that Medal of Honor: Warfighter's single-player campaign is 10 hours long.

As late as Tuesday 23rd October 2012, the day the game launched in the US,'s Medal of Honor: Warfighter FAQ claimed the single-player was "roughly 10 hours".

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zeal0us2122d ago

Just wondering do EA even care about the MoH series anymore?

Bumpmapping2122d ago

EA is desperate knowing of all the negative reviews Warfighter is getting,pretty much saying "Please buy our game its the same things as COD just shorter,more repetitive and just as boring"

RedDeadLB2122d ago

Except it's not. It's actually a good game.

MattyG2122d ago

Agreed. It doesn't deserve all the poor reviews at all. It superior to MOH 2010 and yet its getting worse reviews.

Cam9772122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Exactly. Ea just can't accept defeat! Note use of the word 'can' - I hate EA! It 'can' last that long if you bought it to enjoy the scenery.

DeadlyFire2122d ago

Noone would complain if the game had a 2 year dev. cycle instead of just one with say 9 months of work on it at most.

berndogskate2122d ago

liking it so far feels pretty good on my ps3)

dazzrazz2122d ago

15 hours if your heavily scripted squad mates will glitch out and refuse to move forward !

Skate-AK2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

That has been happening to my brother and I.

Soldierone2122d ago

Lmao no. I beat it in MAYBE 5 hours. That includes eating a hot pocket in one hand (I'm underweight by about 15lbs so get that fat image out of your head :P ) and taking a break to watch New Girl....with all my breaks and time to get going I got the game at around 4PM, was done with it at 8:30. Played on hard (not tier 1, just hard)

Only thing that really holds you back is the squad not moving up half the time. So you need to swing back around and go kill ONE guy so they friggin move. Honestly if you play COD it will be a breeze. Only way it takes 10 hours is if you suck at gaming and attempt tier 1 on the get go.

grailly2122d ago

new girl was hilarious this week :D

iceman062122d ago

I watched a stream of it last night...roughly 5 hours or so to beat it. The multiplayer looks like it could be fun...but I guess I'll pass for now. Maybe if it gets the X-mas drop in price I'll get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.