Fuse Interview: Why Insomniac Made The Dramatic Change

NowGamer- Brian Allgeier, Creative Director on Fuse, tells us why Insomniac Games was terrified to reveal the reborn project.

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1969d ago
zeal0us1969d ago

Fuse sounds cheap, Overstrike isn't great but it definitely sound better than Fuse.

DarkTower8051969d ago

Fuse sounds better to me, Overstrike sounded too much like a COD/BF mission... It had too much of a military tone to it. Out of the changes EA forced upon Insomniac though, the name change should have been the first and last.

SP3333D-O1969d ago

The change in name does not bother me nearly as much as the change in style.

Wigriff1969d ago

How many things can you come up with that EA could stand for other than Electronic Arts?

Electronic Aggravation?

Evasive Affirmations?

Eats Ass?