Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Wii U - Developer Interview

Gamesradar- Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is coming to the Nintendo Wii U. We've seen the superhero fighting title for the Kinect--working with the off-the-couch motion controls, but now we've had a chance to see how the game handles using the Wii U's GamePad.

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HappyCamper1722155d ago

whooa that was the worst game i've seen in a long time.

you could even hear the dissapointment in the interviewers voice.

Bluenuts92155d ago

I'm really not sure if it was disappointment or just boredom, I've heard a few interviews like this from other developers and from games that are a whole lot more promising. I think they just get a little burned out from talking about the same thing and playing the same thing everyday man.