5 Seconds of Nuketown 2025 in Action, a Megaton of Fun

Activision has released a preview for Nuketown 2025, offering 5 seconds of Nuketown 2025 in action. It's not actually multiplayer gameplay or any sort of gameplay at all, but rather 5 seconds of a nuclear detonation before just ending. Astute Call of Duty players will remember that Nuketown was actually a 50's era town built in the middle of nowhere for the United States government to test nuclear weapons on.

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crazypenguin082161d ago

Looks to me like the layout of the map will be the same as the original. imagine the green car is where the Jeep one and your looking out of the boundary of the playable portion of the map.

guitarded772161d ago

I just hope they make a safe spawn point so chopper gunners don't repeatedly mow you down when you spawn.

MasterD9192161d ago

So that is clearly the ending sequence of the level...

And it doesn't look like they expanded the map by removing that barrier, but it's ok...I love me some Nuketown.

pandehz2161d ago

It was my most played map in COD series

bishbosh2161d ago

spawn trapping hell!!!! i hope they expans to include the other houses! I managed 78 kills on this map in one game of demolition. You know where the spawn points are just sit and kill after kill

unchartedxplorer2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Can't wait or black ops 2

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The story is too old to be commented.