Medal of Honor Warfighter: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "Medal of Honor Warfighter is slipshod, uninspired, unpolished, and unfun."

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Bumpmapping1549d ago

Two once great franchises this year with horrible reviews RE6-MOH.Shadows of there former selfs,sad really they both tried riding the COD train failed miserably.

Sizzon1549d ago

It's indeed Sad But True :(

Resident Evil and Medal of Honor were great franchises back in the day.

momthemeatloaf1549d ago

This game has a 47 on metacritic ouch

Captain Qwark 91549d ago

not surprising. the beta was terrible

Trunkz Jr1549d ago

Play the actual game! The Buddy system works great! This is getting bad reviews because CoD fans want their game to shine with a 9.5 or 10!

No way on earth does this game = 4

ian721549d ago

Change the name MOH to COD and it would be getting 9's and 10's.

Ultr1549d ago

so basicaly they are saying. EA refused to give us money so we review them badly. yayyyy

ExCest1548d ago

Or you can review how you feel about the game. Choices.

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