TruthRant: Why I'm NOT Going to Buy WWE '13

Resident ranter and WWE fan, Shawn Long explores a few reasons why WWE '13 won't be on his wish list.

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Deeke2156d ago

A few good points made in this article, and it seems that some elements of WWE 13 may be a let down for hardcore wrestling fans.

NYC_Gamer2156d ago

It's the same old tired gameplay every year with minor upgrades

LaWiiG2156d ago

I thought for sure it would be different for THQ, especially after last year and the backlash that seemed to resonate with them.

FutureWWEChampion2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

People dont seem to realize that last years game was like a rough draft of this year's release. Since last year there was a new team working on the game hence the name WWE 12 not Raw vs smackdown 2012.

I highly disagree with this article and though there are a few good point's this game will be Great! Not something that TruthRant consider's a failure.(SO FALSE)

WWE games have always been the same thing wrestling there is nothing that makes it any different a few more matches and a few more wrestler's. The roster issue is not THQ's fault they try to keep up with WWE but by the time the roster was being created CM Punk was still wearing the white shirt with black collar.

The AE mode is mostly to give the younger generation a history lesson on what happened back then which I think is better then the last few games RTWM.

THQ has done a pretty good job trying to get all the fans features that have been asked for in the game, and that might have set them back a bit. I mean if you have millions of people asking for crap, you won't be able to please everybody, the only people that are upset are the ones that didn't get what they wanted in the game.

I wanted Create a Title guess what? Not in, but I'm not complaining this game will still be pretty sick with all the features it does have. It's kinda like Ive said this before. Anyways if your a hardcore wrestling fan this game is gonna be perfect.

The DLC releasing at later times is not a bad thing because when they release it you can make a story to blend in the game and add more excitement. Ryback has returned for example. To try to put this game down is basically saying "I'm mad the game isn't made the way I wanted it to be so I'm ^ not gonna get it Boohoo"

WhatAboutBigBob2156d ago

I love whenever people complain about the roster and than blame THQ. It shows they don't know who truly has the final say. All of the DLC was approved AFTER the Roster Deadline. Why? Because the WWE took it's good ol' time and approved people late.

FutureWWEChampion2156d ago

Totally agree alot of complainer's but half or more can't go into THQ and do that they have done and that is make an AAAAAAAAAWESOOOOOME WWE GAME!! 4 more day's yall!!

santiagobambam02156d ago

Agree with both of you the people that have read this probably haven't even played the game they're just listening to some idiot that hasn't played the game either talking nonsense about the game he knows barely anything about yet. One of his reasons to hate was Attitude era mode... clearly this guy is on something if he doesn't want to relive that best era of wrestling...
Can't wait til tuesday! going to gamestop after raw just to get this game at 12 can't wait!

WhatAboutBigBob2155d ago

People just like to blame the gaming company. People don't understand that the WWE has to approve almost everything that goes into the game. The WWE is why we don't have Buried Alive Matches anymore, why Stone Cold's Middle Fingers are blurred out, why Theme Music is wrong (usually because the WWE lost the license) etc etc.

It's easy to blame a group of people whenever you don't do research.

This is the first time I've been excited for a game since Here Comes the Pain.

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