The Case for the French Revolution in Assassin's Creed 4

Where will ‘Assassin’s Creed’ head after the American Revolution? Our prognosis says France, to one of the most influential political uprisings the world has ever seen.

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phantomexe2035d ago

i don't think will see AC4 next year. I'd bet we see another game staring connor and then the following year see AC4 but ya that be a cool spot in history to go but who knows. Heck connors spinoff could go there which is possible.

bloodybutcher2035d ago

maybe make victorian england and jack the ripper as a templar who's killing female assassins?

ceballos77mx2035d ago

We'll see it after Connors trilogy of games

MostJadedGamer2035d ago

The next Conner game might be set in the French Revolution.

ceballos77mx2035d ago

But will it be #4? Or save it for the next character like etzio, I'm really gonna miss the guy btw.

Master of Unlocking2034d ago

AC4 sould head for XIXth century Paris and London, and maybe Prague. And that's my last word. Pretty much everything else has been done, so I think that's really what they should do with the series now. The gloomy and foggy streets of London, allow us to interact with Jack the ripper as bloodybutcher said, and the equally gloomy and foggy streets of Paris, with the Eiffel tower under construction n stuff. Would be cool!