Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for Wii U boasts exclusive features

Nintendo has confirmed that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for Wii U will launch with new weapons and characters, a redesigned battle system and online multiplayer modes that let fans savor the adventure together. The company states that the game is a powerhouse addition to what promises to be a spectacular software lineup for Wii U.

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Tuxmask551976d ago

This is good news, because the Xbox 360 version kind of blew.

NYC_Gamer1976d ago

Its bad that Team Ninja left all the people who bought the PS3/360 version out to dry

1976d ago
blitz06231976d ago

After Sigma and Sigma 2, I'm not surprised

CalvinKlein1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Yeah I hear this one comes with more than one weapon. I loved the 1st 2 3d ones and even bouth the first one on xbox when it first came out and sigma years later. I also want sigma plus 2 and maybe sigma + on VITA.

I hope sigma 2 plus on vita has the flying limbs because those were awesome even if they dont stay on the ground like on the 360 version.

NG3 was clearly rushed and was missing tons of stuff that made the first 2 3d NGs awesome. The ONE area that NG 2 had actually improved on big on the first was the weapon variety, and then for 3 they give out one weapon with the option to by 2 from NG2 as DLC?


I will continue to buy various versions of the first two games that ITAGAKI made as apparently he was the ONLY one who cared about the NG series at tecmo. He was also the only one with good ideas, skill, passion, talent, etc there too I guess. Im actually very surprised and more impressed with ITAGAKI now that we have seen he made 2 really good games in NG 1/2 while surrounded by talentless people and money hungry tecmo who came up with NG3 without him.

This first NG on xbox1 was awesome and had great adventure and action. It even had secret weapons like the dark dragon blade to unlock in addition to tons of regular ones and the Full first 3 2d ninja gaiden games to unlock as well. In the time of early xbox they even released FREE DLC with the master ninja tournament that included the STAFF weapon and new enemies and more challenge(it was free upgrade to ninja gaiden black. itagaki made NGB to give the master ninja tournament to people without xbox live he said).

Now years later and NG3 sucks. Wonder why....

edit below- uhh I never said his new game will be good. Just that these people dont care about NG series, the fans or anything. Nintendo gave them money to polish a hardcore turd and they will get more money form people who support crappy business. Itagaki cared and took it personal and made two good NG games. His new game being good or bad wont change that. It also wont change that their first shot on their own and they produced crap and probably folled alot of people who had hope.

NG3 was barley finished so I wouldnt be surprised if they just took what had been finished while itagaki was there, sigmafied it(added unneeded extra stuff taht usually turns out bad, seldom good). and then released it in hopes that there fans would trust in them and buy it even though it was not finished just because they call themselvs team ninja.

cleft51976d ago

Bro I hope Itagaki's new game Devil's Third is actually good. You are making some pretty big assumption as to why the other NG games where good. At least Team Ninja recognized they messed up and are fixing the broken game that was NG3.

chadboban1976d ago

This is one of the few articles about the Wii U version that give impressions from someone who seems to actually be a fan of the series and understands it's gameplay.

From what he's saying, this looks like a big step up from what the previous versions were. I skipped NG3 because of all the bad things I heard but if this really does turn out well, I'll pick it up when I get my Wii U next year.

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1976d ago Replies(1)
Neonridr1976d ago

I never played the PS3/360 versions so I may give it a go. I will see what the reviews look like to see if it is that much improved over the others.

DivineAssault 1976d ago

This game looks much better than the 1/2 a$$ed version that came out already.. I would buy this if i were getting wii u.. If it scores well of course.. Nintendo is helping out with the development of this so im pretty confident that it will be awesome... Ill be waiting on vita to get sigma 3.. Im sure the features are exclusive to this but sigma will have some goodies as well

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