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Clickonline writes: "There are enough unique elements that set Fuse apart from other cover shooters. The usage of the alien substance allows for an anchor point, enables the team to give players impressive weaponry and capabilities, and the LEAP function looks very promising. The tone has changed somewhat, but there is still humour injected throughout the game and there are some quips that bring a smile to the most stern of faces"

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attilayavuzer2005d ago

As soon as Overstrike was changed to Fuse, everyone quit caring. "Enough" unique features, promising functionality and some humor doesn't erase the fact that this game looked amazing before being Gear'd out.

jnhinsd2005d ago

I like the new look of the game. Definitely keeping an eye out for this.

ninjabake2005d ago

Another generic shooter that was once promising.

wastedcells2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Now that they are multi platform they have to appeal to a wider audience. They could get away with a lot being Sony exclusive because sony supports originality and takes risks. Don't think insomniac can think that way anymore being on their own. Too much to lose. Can't really blame them. If they succeed and built a bigger fan base they will be in a better position to make a game more like over strike and less like fuse.