Suda wants to make 'Mario with guns'

With Killer 7 and No More Heroes - both bonkers and exceptionally violent games - under his belt, Grasshopper CEO Suda 51 has earned a name for cooking up games for an adults-only crowd.

When asked by Nintendo Official Magazine UK if he'd ever consider making a game suitable for a younger audience, he replied: "I want to make a Super Mario game for adults."

"Maybe Mario could wear an Italian suit and have a machine gun," he hypothesised, adding, "But Nintendo probably wouldn't like that idea."

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YoMeViet3755d ago

Mario the "Italian Hitman"

I would buy that if they made it. OR

Mario the "Italian Mobster"
"Grand Thief Mushrooms"
"Mario and Luigi: Dead Men"

marinelife93755d ago

Has Suda ever seen a real live plumber?? They got him right the first time.

Joey Gladstone3755d ago

now that picture is classic, I never pictured Mario as such a TUFF guy lol.......oh an anyone else think that he looks like a Cross of Mario and Zangeif??.....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

heyheyhey3755d ago

perhaps they can finally show bowser raping the princess (come on, we know its happening they just don't want to show it)

and maybe this time Mario can smother the turtles to death with Luigi's arse instead of just jumping on them- that would certainly be a Suda 51 thing to do

desolationstorm3755d ago

haha Im sure Nintendo wouldnt like it at all. Nintendo should scoop him up and quick. They could really use Grasshopper and what they would bring to the table. If nintendo made an annoucement in a few days that they were buying /partnering with his company to make exclusive games it would be huge because he makes such unique and violent games. Im with the other guy that said they should remake Killer7 with wii controls. That would improve it for me. The contorls were never to my liking.

NMHs could grow also, could be made into nintendos answer to GTA. Not in the same scale, but they could work with grasshopper to make a bigger world and allow the user to do more. Im just all about that game and i think nintendo should look at the game or his studio and get them to work on a bigger sand box game after they finish Fatel Frame.

OC Shock Value3755d ago

I would buy it for a good laugh

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The story is too old to be commented.