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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review | VideoGamer

VideoGamer: "I'd like to see Danger Close take a real, genuine crack at the thoughtful war shooter they clearly want to make, because its repeated attempts at a weak Call of Duty knock-off isn't going to win over hearts and minds." (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 5/10

Bumpmapping  +   825d ago
"because its repeated attempts at a weak Call of Duty knock-off isn't going to win over hearts and minds."

Couldn't have said it better my self.
Trunkz Jr  +   825d ago
Game is great, the buddy system works. Only CoD fans will tarnish this and give any CoD 9.5 or 10 just because of the name.

I wasn't expecting much of this game, after getting it I'm actually enjoying this and hope they take some of the nice stuff like buddy spawn camera and adding it to BF4.
Seriously 5/10 in this era means Garbage, it deserves between 8 and 9 maybe 8.8 i'd give it.
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ardivt  +   825d ago
yeah I also find it quite enjoyable
Ju  +   825d ago
And redefining cover in FPS with sneak-n-peak. KZ had that nailed down pretty good, but this gives you full control to "stick" out your nose while in cover. But, well, who am I to mention that...
SilentNegotiator  +   825d ago
Anytime a COD-hater doesn't get his way, he blames people liking COD.

Sorry, but COD does absolutely EVERYTHING better than MOH and has 10 times the identity. MoH is downright mediocre compared to COD and BF. It exercises every chiche in the book and fails to even be as tactful with that.

Besides, you'll note that the COD series hasn't been rating as well as in the past. People are getting sick of the king of the cliches and are that much more fed up with "me too" games like Warfighter.
aquamala  +   825d ago
I'm no CoD fanboy but this is a very average game, multiplayer doesn't look very good at all for a 2012 game. and Combat Mission doesn't feel as epic as in MoH 2010 as the maps seems a lot smaller.
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Ima9er4Life  +   825d ago
I liked MOH, silly hoes COD is for kids
Buljo  +   825d ago
So far the game is good (singleplayer, haven't played multiplayer yet). THIS IS WHAT BATTLEFIELD 3 SHOULD HAVE FELT LIKE. The weapons feel brutal (the AK - holy fuck!) and look awesome. The graphics are phenomenal and style wise it blows BF3 out of the water (Battlefield 3 feels.. inconsistent, I don't have a better word for that). The gameplay is the perfect pace and whoever says this game is like every other shooter out there is wrong because they're probably skipping every cutscene. Do that and the game loses it's soul.
Kaneda  +   825d ago
Hey Look! Big BlackOps advertisement!

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