Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U has free online play

The Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will include free online four-person multiplayer, Capcom announced during today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast. Local multiplayer between a single Wii U and three 3DS units will also be available.

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Jadedz2034d ago

I'm really excited about this.

Blacktric2034d ago

Same here. But as a side note, I love how Capcom's been emphasizing the word free in every new announcement they recently make, especially with things that are supposed to be free. First a "free" Resident Evil 6 update and now MH3: U getting free online multiplayer. These guys really love committing PR suicide in any scale.

Benjamminkno2034d ago

This is good news.
The game looks great.
I want to play this.

Dr_Salvitor2034d ago

How is this news they already said the Wii U's online will be free.

Venox20082034d ago

how about a first Wii with free online and Dragon Quest X on Wii with online fee? :)

ChickeyCantor2034d ago

For Japan.
Wii version also has free online play.

TheLordOfStuff2034d ago

free online play???!! *adjusts monocle* outrageous i say!

YoreCommentIsInvalid2034d ago

Duh this is old lol the wii u has free online

Yodagamer2034d ago

Just because the wii u has free online, doesn't mean capcom can't charge for online with their own games, they did it on the wii for the japan version and they could very well do it again if they wanted to

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The story is too old to be commented.