UGO: Top 25 Japanese RPG Characters

UGO's K. Thor Jensen writes:

"A story ain't a story without characters, and the fuel for the engines that power a Japanese RPG's massive plots has always been the character development. Sure, some games tend to dip into the cliché pool a little too often (silent, amnesiac hero, female healer / love interest, comic relief fighter, mysterious half-alien / demon / monster, we're looking at you), but the sheer variety of awesome dudes and babes that have come out of the genre is flabbergasting.

"As you know, we normally do Top 11s on this site, but this feature is so massive that it simply could not be contained in a mere eleven entries, so the powers that be gave us the go-ahead to really raise the roof up in this bitch. We now present to you the top twenty-five Japanese RPG characters, in a mega-feature that stretches from the 8-bit era to the hottest next-gen titles, with plenty of stops for old favorites and new friends on the way. Quaff a potion, ready your sword, and memorize a spell or tow - let's get down to business."

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Lucreto3752d ago

I didn't expect Tai Ho would be the list but Luca Blight should have been there too.