Nintendo announces new North American 3DS games - including Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing

"Via it's online service Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced this morning that quite a few games are making their way to 3DS this Fall and that the company has some amazing plans for the system.

Did we mention that it also announced official names for the new Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing in North America?

Hint - think about turning over a new leaf."

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Xof2066d ago

...I both love and hate how Nintendo handles release dates.

Anyway, damn, that's a lot of awesome stuff. I can't wait for Fire Emblem. And Layton? A lot of my enthusiasm just vanished. I can't say I look forward to seeing what he was like in High School. That's... just wrong.

But, anyway, "just a few months" means Fire Emblem in Q1 2013? Or maybe even in time for Christmas?

nrvalleytime2066d ago

That's we're thinking - Christmas would be perfect, but I imagine they're trying to finish it then and don't want to have delay if they can't.

Seems smarter to leave it unannounced in case it can't make it.

Regarding Professor Layton - definitely agree that it's odd, but it'll add some interesting wrinkles to the formula. Plus, seeing that it's the last game directly focusing on the professor, it'll be somewhat of an appropriate sendoff.

Neo Nugget2066d ago

Animal Crossing!


Dovahkiin2065d ago

Been far too long since they updated us on it.

ScubaSteve12065d ago

what about ace attorney vs professor layton nintendo.

ronin4life2065d ago

I want to know more about that too...

But I don't think Nintendo has anything to do with that.

YoungPlex2065d ago

Fire Emblem looks SWEET!

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