Ted Price: Gibeau was wrong about launching new IPs late in the cycle

Last month, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau said that he felt "the time to launch an IP is at the front-end of the hardware cycle." His argument? That "if you look at the market dynamics, as much as there's a desire for new IP, the market doesn't reward new IP this late in the cycle. They end up doing okay, but not really breaking through."

But Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price - who is currently heading up development on new IP Fuse under EA's Partners programme - disagrees.

"Well, we're seeing evidence of that right now with Dishonored, right?" Price told when questioned about Gibeau's comments. "Dishonored is kicking ass out there as a new IP."

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-Mika-1853d ago

"Well, I mean look, I believe, and we at Insomniac believe - and I think EA believes - that new IP can always succeed if it's a well-made game that offers players something that is compelling."

Well your new game isn't that so just go back to Sony.

Abash1853d ago

Dishonored is refreshing and stands out with it's uniqueness, not to mention it got mostly 9s and 10s in reviews. Thats what led to it's success, while Fuse just doesnt standout or look appealing at all.

Another thing is Dishonored released with not a lot of competition, 2013 is filled with big releases and Fuse will have a lot to compete with

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GraveLord1853d ago

Fuse does look appealing. I'd play Fuse over Dishonored any day.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31853d ago

"Well your new game isn't that so just go back to Sony."

Have you played it?

AznGaara1853d ago

Want to tell me how you got the game to make that analysis? I thought the release date was... you know... next year -_-

Sevir1853d ago

Bash a game on its reveal before its released based on 4 min trailers, Dead Space, RE6, AC3, Dragon's Dogma, DmC, even Dishonored, which is getting rave reviews was bashed as being a soul less copy of Bioshock here on N4G. If you listen to people here you'd think the rest of the world is in agreement with your elitist view with no credibility! Lol gotta love this community!

JellyJelly1853d ago

"Well your new game isn't that so just go back to Sony."

So they can churn out another crappy Resistance game?

1853d ago
ado9081853d ago


I don''t know if you played uncharted 3. But it's nothing like COD. How does climbing obstacles, pulling down, brawling opponents, and in third person make it a COD look alike?

Sevir1853d ago

To make such a claim so why don't you keep your visual impression on the backburnner and wait till you've had a chance to play the game before you cry foul? No? Must be the new epidemic on N4G.

FunAndGun1853d ago

I am so sick of this 'you must try it first or can't say anything negative' attitude.

The game LOOKS like any other shooter. There is NOTHING in Fuse we haven't seen before.

They are called impressions. From watching the gameplay reveals, interviews, and the trailer. The game doesn't look like anything special. I don't want or need the game in my hands to make MY final verdict.

Do I need to taste cow brains in order for me to say I don't like em' or that they won't be successful as the main course of a dinner party?

Do you watch every single movie before you say that movie sucks? Do you base seeing a movie on a trailer??

Do you read every prologue to every book before you say, 'that book isn't for me and it sucks'?

Do you just stick the tip in and test it out before you decide you want to go all the way and have sex with someone? lol

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GribbleGrunger1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I agree with what Ted Price is saying here, but unfortunately, unless there are a lot of changes, Insomniacs new game isn't going to prove it. Perhaps the way it plays will make up for the generic look though. We'll just have to wait and see.

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IWentBrokeForGaming1853d ago

I really loved Dishonored (only redboxed it), it gave me that special Bioshock feeling... WHICH IS AWESOME!

I personally think Insomniac is losing their luster... the uniqueness of their titles seems to errode with every new release they put out!

attilayavuzer1853d ago

New ips at the end of console cycles always get over shadowed.

Shadow Of The Colossus

All fantastic, acclaimed games released at the end of last gen that underperformed by being overshadowed by current consoles.

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