Revolutionary: Controller Showdown, Round 2

Every (other) Tuesday, Mike Sylvester delivers Revolutionary, a look at the wide world of Wii possibilities. This week is Round 2 of the ongoing battle: SIXAXIS vs. WiiMote:

"Some of you may have wanted to see the Wiimote and SIXAXIS dropped on an island with explosive collars around their necks, forced to fight a deathmatch, but Battle Royale this is not. Nintendo and Sony would happily accept you placing both consoles in your entertainment center, because they offer up different experiences. Getting a DVD player doesn't require the discontinuation of cable TV service, nor does it render your iPod obsolete. But they are similar in that they are gaming input devices, so there will naturally be some overlap in possible applications. It's for that reason we're interested in seeing which controller is better at what. So with no further ado: Round 2. Fight!"

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ChickeyCantor3749d ago

i think comparing them is a bit lame, the Wii mote could be hold and used in many different ways not only because of the design but also thnx to the IR( moving your wiimote away from the screen and back could also effect gameplay elements).

but yeah its still up to the developers to make good use of both of them