ChartTrack:"PS3 has been outselling 360 for the last four weeks in UK"

ChartTrack has also revealed that the Sony console has been outselling 360 for the last month. "It has been outselling 360 for the last four weeks in the UK, but they were neck and neck over the Christmas period, weeks 49-52," said ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch.

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PStriple7033777d ago

Sony and the ps3 are on track, and it's hard for some people to take in, but i always knew it was a great console

sonarus3777d ago

hmmm quite suprising considering vgchrtz has been saying otherwise. Oh well great job for ps3. things look to be getting worse for ps3

ThaGeNeCySt3777d ago

VGchartz can not be trusted.

Packet3777d ago

"VGchartz can not be trusted."

There is nothing 'unreliable' in the vgchartz numbers. The numbers the site puts out are essentially a combination of two things:

1) 360 sales numbers that are as high as current worldwide shipment totals allow and still retain some degree of plausibility

2) PS3 sales numbers that are as low as current worldwide shipment totals allow and still retain some degree of plausibility

Everything else is just details of trying to keep up the appearance that the fanboys running the site are making calls to retailers all over the world.

TheTwelve3777d ago

The UK was the last bastion of hope for the 360 over PS3 outside of America.


sonarus3777d ago

lol meant to say things look to be getting better

beoulve3777d ago

Just as I thought the VGchartz can be trusted, now this came in.
I think VGChartz can only provide estimates from previous data. Once they got official number, they will readjust their trend estimates hence we got this overcounting and under track. PS3 is the #1 victims because it's trend is pretty unstable unlike Wii. XBOX 360 moving toward declining trend but occasionally having spike sometime. So estimates doesn't really mean much now. What do you expect for something that is totally free. They pay for the bandwidth and provide you free global data which requires lot of resource to track. You can already smell something fishy there.

zambrota3777d ago

whats even worse is the fact that their weekly UK sales data for the ps3 is wrong too.

I think Vg is also wrong on German sales of x360. Media control said that around 150 000 x360s were sold between nov 2005 to dec 2006. around 56000 x360s were sold in Germany in 2007 vs 309000 ps3s (total).

I request Vgchartz to update their numbers

However it is proved again that Vg cannot be trusted

cmrbe3777d ago

it is great news for the PS3

Lifendz3777d ago

this is before the AAA hyped games are out. Just wait until MGS 4, GT5, LBP, Killzone are on the shelves. Sony probably won't sell Wii like numbers anytime soon, but 360 will lose it's spot at #2.

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yeh3777d ago

This one should probably fail approval, and let my one that actually links to a good source be approved.

Vip3r3777d ago

This is your one and it has been approved. Or am I missing something here?


Aaron_V6673777d ago

Great news for Sony. Now all MS have left is the US and Sony should go all out to win over there.

jwatt3777d ago

The ps3 has been building alot of momentum but they still have to work hard in America. I think rumble, Home, Mgs4 and Gta4 should help the ps3.

abuze3777d ago

Are you the one making those videos? I like them alot good job!

Who sings that song?

I think i fell in love again..

SmokeyMcBear3777d ago

dear oh dear... thats not what vgcharts says.. the resident bible on hardware sales.. this could get interesting.

fenderputty3777d ago

VG isn't accurate and should never be taken as written in stone. Still ... it serves as a good point of reference. It at least had the PS3 showing gains on the 360 and getting rather close. It's good news to hear that it's acutally outsold the 360 though.

XBOX 3603777d ago

This means VGChartz is wrong again about their under tracked PS3 sales numbers