Nanochip raises new funds to drive next-gen memory design

MEMS (micro-electric mechanical systems) developer Nanochip announced today that it has secured an additional $14 million in capital via a third round of venture capital funding. Nanochip's technology uses atomic force probe tips to read, write, and access stored data on the given storage medium. These tips are small-25nm at the contact point-and perform their various functions by passing voltage into the recording layer of the medium.

The use of these force tips will, in theory, allow a MEMS device to function like a multihead hard drive when reading data off what Nanochip refers to as a "nano-probe array technology." This type of storage array will supposedly surpass the storage limitations of lithography-based technology and clear the way for devices with far larger data capacities. Combined, Nanochip claims its two new technologies will ultimately surpass both the performance and the capacity of flash memory.

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