Who would your favorite game characters vote for?

GamesRadar - We break down which presidential candidate gaming's icons would support.

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This article was the best thing I have ever read on N4G.



not exactly sure why im getting nothing but disagrees on this. it was a hilarious and creative article.
sorry it wasnt "XBAWKS SUXXXXXX" or "500 reasons sony's going bankrupt by 9:30 tonight".

suck it.

Lord_Sloth1878d ago

Because we're tired of the election season! I hate Politics and Ticians and Obama has his fugly mug plastered all over Gamefaqs now! KEEP THE POLITICS OUT OF MY VIDEO GAMES!

Timesplitter141878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

It still baffles me how Romney is even a choice in a civilized country like the US

AgentSmith1878d ago

I agree, Him as president would be the same as an alien plague sweeping the Earth!

Zermeno_901878d ago

Well we still have that thing that if when we can't decide on these TWO parties, let's see, oh yeah a THIRD party.

1878d ago
VonBraunschweigg1878d ago

Snake needs war so he will vote Republican, Mario & Luigi are 2 guys living together so...and I'm pretty sure Kratos and Masterchief are not the voting kind of guys.

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