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PS All-Stars: Dev Battle, Crash Information, and More

DualShock Nexus: Yesterday was the PS All-Stars: Battle Royale #LABeatdown event hosted by Superbot Ent. and Iambitfitshow. It wouldn't have been a blast without some of the Superbot team fighting it out in-game. Check out the battle between Omar Kendall and Cl0ckwork along with some extra videos, Crash Bandicoot information, and more. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

Update Tweeted out to Activision about Crash in the game and I got a response.

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fabod86  +   785d ago
The game is awesome and i will buy Crash for sure if it will come out as dlc. :)
SuperSandLegend  +   785d ago
I remember reading somewhere that Crash would be free DLC if he were added as that. Who knows though, I'd buy him.
fabod86  +   785d ago
If true it's only getting better. I'm pumped! :)
NukaCola  +   785d ago
Is that fish the sword from 3D Dot Game Heroes? Or From Uncharted 3?
Blastoise  +   785d ago
I really wish I could just know for sure now. Tired of these rumours, "confirmed" rosters and tweets ect.
I'll get the game with Crash or not cos the game is a blast, but stop getting my hopes up to just crush them again!
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   785d ago
Damn it Activation just let Crash come back home!
WillGuitarGuy  +   785d ago
Maybe if we bait him with wumpa fruit "Ooh piece of candy" like, he'll come our way.

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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   785d ago
We don't need to bait him because he WANTS to escape the evil Activision fortress! He's trapped in the basement locked up in a cage all alone in the dark. We need Sly Racoon and his team to bust him out!
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WillGuitarGuy  +   785d ago
@Harry That sounds...sounds...beautiful. :,) *Wipes tear*
stage88  +   785d ago
I want the crash from the Naught Dog games though. Activision Crash looks horrendous.
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iHeartHelloKitty  +   785d ago
Yeah Omar said a while back crash would be free that will be good and other characters charge for all I care. I love it so much I'm ready all we need is a Nerf For Radec he needs shorter reach with that sniper shot and less ap.
SuperSandLegend  +   785d ago
I think it'd be better to have the sniper do less knockback damage. It launches characters like rag dolls how it is now.
Omar91  +   785d ago
wow! that battle was awesome! so it looks like we can play 1v1 battles after all. I just wasn't sure since Superbot never talked about 1v1.

Also this plus the trophy list confirms that the roster will be 20 characters at launch. I believe later down in the games life crash will be a playable character so I'm not too worried. Once activision sees how devoted Superbot is and how great the game sells (hopefully) I'm sure they wont have problems letting go of crash.
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XabiDaChosenOne  +   785d ago
And people said the one on one would suck? This bout was amazing!! Omar is a pro!
WillGuitarGuy  +   785d ago
To think my team and I were going to battle him at PAX. We would have gotten our asses handed to us. lol.
Godchild1020  +   785d ago
After seeing that, I think I'll be playing more 1 on 1 matches than 2 on 2.

After seeing that Video that game looks beast and Raiden kicks ass. Nariko has some sick combos, but Raiden seems to be faster. Nariko gains AP faster with her combos.

The 20th can't come sooner.
izumo_lee  +   785d ago
It would have been nice if the video actually showed Nariko's Lvl.3 super move but i can understand the 'spoilers' if it was.

Omar's almost comeback from down 0-2 would have been spectacular but the ownage he dished out starting at 2:31 was pure awesomeness.

The beta is A LOT of fun doing 2v2 matches & we can all agree on that the 1v1 is not too shabby as well. The game is fast, frantic, edge of your seat fantastic fun. And that is all that matters right?
Treezy504  +   785d ago
At PAX I specifically played Nariko to show off her level 3. Enjoy :)

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jonboi24  +   785d ago
Holy crap they actually added a score display! This is what I have been wanting since the private beta. Game is all sorts of level of hype. Though hoping 1v1 is available online as well. Going to to kick all sorts of butt with my Parappa and my mad combos. Be careful guys I have have combos that involve throws so you best keep you AP in check. Though Nariko looks legit, though shes seems like a female Kratos. She even has the sword grab move. Man, Raiden though looks beastly.
braydox21  +   784d ago
wait Omar kendall is a pro he must have been going easy on us because when i was a the EB GAMES EXPO 2012 he was there and i got to fight him with a few others and out of all 4 i won. oh and in the beta the items didn't last that long while the one i played at the expo they lasted alot longer at least double than it is now such as the purple glowing double blade thingy, which i think is god of war item.
SuperSandLegend  +   784d ago
Yup, that's the blade of chaos. I wish that item had more than two moves. I feel vulnerable when I'm in the air with it.
braydox21  +   784d ago
you can jump and use a diagonal attack that attacks people below you. but other than that i haven't been able to find any other moves out of it.
braydox21  +   784d ago
raiden and Kratos + Nariko and Spike are the best melee fighters while Radec is the best long-medium range fighter, rachet is propably the best all-rounder type he is a mainly medium ranged type, haven't seen his final special yet. i played big daddy once but i couldn't use him very well. all in all this game is going to be fun/awsome/exciting/thrilling and enjoyable, now we just need a microsoft mash-up then have a Microsoft vs Nintendo vs Sony multiplatform game so all-stars vs super smash bros vs Microsoft mash-up, and hopefully being able to vs Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U players it will be the ultimate fanboy war, not only that it will be very popular, however it is very unlikely, it could be possible to have a Bros vs all-stars game, but im not sure about microsoft, their forte is more shooters and not really fighters, but hopefully they will join the bandwagon.

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