Criterion: "There's Nothing Social About A Facebook Game"

Dealspwn: "Criterion's Matt Webster has slammed the fashion in which Facebook games are often referred to as "social games", suggesting that there' absolutely nothing social about a game "spamming" one's feed and constantly badgering you to tell your mates about it. We caught up with Webster last week to chat about the ever-expanding range of socially connected features being merged into the imminent Need For Speed: Most Wanted via Autolog, and he delivered a damning indictment of the current scene of social games, arguing that what Criterion are doing is far more true to the concept of "social gaming" than anything one might find on Facebook."

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SpiralTear2033d ago

"...a Facebook game spamming my feed..."

"A pop up tells me someone has beaten my time..."

I get what Webster is saying (I'd much rather play a game like Need for Speed than a Facebook game), but those two phrases sound awfully similar.

Saturne32033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Not to be a facebook fanboy or anything but actually facebook games make social relationships quite more interesting online.

live2play2033d ago

not to be a dedicated gaming machine fanboy or anything but actually online console games make social relationships quite more interesting online

Saturne32033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

lol the disagrees pretty much say everything i already know