Shouldn't we learn from our past mistakes?

There have been numerous quotes over the past few months from various industry representatives, expressing a desire to see a single console emerge to head the industry. Just how exactly would this work? Has anything like this ever been done before? Parodies Galore looks at one example of this being attempted in the past and reminds us why it isn't a good idea...

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I Call 9MM3722d ago

It is actually quite amazing how the competition between different hardware manufacturers has changed in the last 20 years. Now, we only have 3 big names out there: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Last generation, we had Sega in there for a little while too. Before that, they had 8 different competitors playing the game. Does anybody even really remember any of them besides the Playstation and N64? Saturn died out fairly early on too. Even the generation before had more then just the SNES and Genesis. Personally, I prefer less hardware out there and more companies just working on games, but enough competition to keep the prices down. Hope it stays the way it is now for the next generation.

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antoinetm3722d ago

GEX was awesome :)

its a shame tho, the 3do was a nice console :(

poopface13721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I read one article where some developer was talking about it, and to me it just seemed that he wanted there to be only one console, and it was the console he was working on curenntly. That article i remember seemed more like complaining than actualy coming up with a viable idea. By now developers should know that they are gonna have to put out more than one version of a game for everyone to play it, and thinking otherwise is just wishful thinking(on their part). Im sure that with only one console we would see the quality of games, innovation, and hardware upgrades decrease horribly. For an example look at current gen. Microsoft puts pressure on sony, sony makes microsoft show their A game and know it must fix its hardware issues. Both sony+microsoft force Nintendo to innovate and they come up with a hit. But they also know they must get 3rd party support or it will be gamecube all over again(although already passed the cube I think). Without competition the game industry would be nothing like it is today. Also, the whole N4g would be ruined(no more FANBOY ARGUING):