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CaptainSheep1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

LOVE the Platinum name. Can't wait. :D
Wait, I just realized. So many character related trophies. So, I guess the character roster is final. :/

blitz06231370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

This should confirm to those people that refuse to believe we have 20 launch characters.

T3quilaSlay3r1370d ago

kind of poor trophy list...maybe more online trophies would have been nice.

CaptainSheep1370d ago

I'm kinda glad there aren't many online tropihes. Online trophies are really a drag sometimes. :/

brew1370d ago

I think they said there will be some unlockables you have to earn online , though. Hopefully those aren't too tough to achieve.

SuperSandLegend1370d ago

@Brew I'm thinking there are more. Considering I don't see any hidden trophies in there.

zslash1369d ago

@LegitDavid Not every game has hidden trophies. There's plenty that don't. The trophies already add up to 1185 points by the way which is standard for retail games. The only way there will be more if DLC is added in the future.

Frances-the-Mute1370d ago

A very easy platinum from the looks of it. Pretty sure it can be done in a day.

G20WLY1370d ago

In fairness, the majority of games could be platinum'd in a day - a day is a long time.

braydox211369d ago

24 hours, that or 12 or 10 hours that still alot of time than again i spent about 16 hours straight on skyrim and all i achieved was every whiterun quest, the companions guild quest, the riverwood quests, so it took me around 16 hours just to complete the whiterun area.

brew1370d ago

I wonder how hard arcade mode will be on legend.

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The story is too old to be commented.