Polygon: Medal of Honor Warfighter review: rules of engagement

Polygon: Medal of Honor Warfighter is developer Danger Close’s second try at rebooting EA’s venerable but moribund military franchise.

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Bumpmapping2034d ago

Great review reading it felt like I was playing the game unfortunately.

ritsuka6662034d ago

I'm really irritated right now seeing you talk shit in all reviews of MOH. I really wish you could stop the hate in this game ok?

SOD_Delta2034d ago

ritsuka666 3d ago
"Why are you defending mediocre garbage like Resident Dogshit 6? Get a serious brain checkup people, this game is a trainwreck and deserves all hate. Get over it this game is shit and you know it."

Same could be said about this game.

3-4-52034d ago

all 8 reviews of this game so far are 6/10 or worse.

It's pretty safe to assume this game isn't as good as it could be.

SOD_Delta2034d ago

Bad A.I. (Check)
Boring Gameplay (Check)
Poor map design (Check)

4.5/10 seems gracious to me.

Cam9772034d ago

Good to know, I won't be buying this; personally, I am sick of FPS games excluding the BF series.

omarzy2034d ago

Play some Counter Strike.

SilentNegotiator2034d ago

The most basic, generic of FPS games? Yeeeeaaaaah, that'll really mix things up if he's tired of FPS games >_>

omarzy2034d ago

Eh, been playing 2004 and it is better than most of the crap that we are forced to choose from. It has been going on since about 2000, so sure, i guess a game made 2000 could be generic when compared to the other million shooters made in the last decade, but it does not require a very powerful pc, it has a big fan base, lots of tournaments, and the newest one costs 15 dollars.

If you have not tried it, then people should try it.

Not everyone discovered online FPS gaming with CoD 4. Almost everything AFTER CS is generic to the CS community.

SilentNegotiator2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

I don't care if it came first. As it is's as generic as they come. The suggestion from omarzy happened an hour ago. In the year 2012.

And if you aren't aware (and judging by your comment, you are), they released an new one very recently. Still generic as they get.

"Almost everything AFTER CS is generic to the CS community"
Anyone that feels that way obviously has no taste for variety and is stuck in their small little comfortable universe.

omarzy2034d ago

"And if you aren't aware (and judging by your comment, you are), they released an new one very recently. Still generic as they get."

Valve is just sticking to the formula that created the fan base. CS Source was released in 2005, then in 2012 we get CS: GO.

I still believe it offers something different in terms of that match types. So many different, creative, and crazy match types to choose from beyond team death match or stand at this location for 30 seconds to win the game.

I don't believe it deserves much negativity. Valve does not charge for anything besides the game, the online as is has much more value than console fps, no constant releases or buying the same game every year, and it is a simple, but solid formula.

It is not as generic as you would think if you look at all the different match types and Mods.

You are getting a solid game, i will tell you that.
"Anyone that feels that way obviously has no taste for variety and is stuck in their small little comfortable universe."

Well, how would you feel? You play CS in early 2000's, then you go through the big FPS craze with multiple FPS getting released a year for every console and even phones. You see all these games being made in the past decade, you think it is generic, right? However, i am talking about people who plyed CS in the early days.

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-MD-2034d ago

I'll pick it up for $5 next year.

SOD_Delta2034d ago

You'd pay five dollars for this? That's a lot of money for

Five dollar foot long> MoH: Warfighter. The foot long probably last longer too.

Brandon_25352034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

My positives and negatives:

+ Some cut-scenes look really good.
+ Decent ending.
+ Peek and lean is fun.
+ Choosing your breaching tool is a nice touch.
+ Driving missions are quite fun.
+ Some characters are interesting, but only slightly.

- Forgettable story.
- Typical bland shooter missions.
- Mini freezes during game and cut-scenes.
- Audio and visual bugs.
- Only six hours long.

+ Tons of weapon customization.
+ Weapons handle well.
+ Lots of soldiers and classes to choose from.
+ Lots of community features and options.

- Basic, uninteresting maps.
- Poor map design. Get used to choke points and camping.
- Menus take some getting used to.
- Audio and visual bugs. Similar to the campaign.
- Boring, basic first-person shooter gameplay.
- Not a large selection of modes to choose from.

Rent? Buy? Stay away?
I think it's worth a rent, but then again I'm a bit biased because I'm such a fan of first-person shooters. It's really only worth renting if you played the one before this or if you're bored and need something to do. There is a two day multiplayer trial if you don't have an online pass, so it's a nice thing to have if you decide to rent the game. Don't expect too much is really all I can say.

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