PlayStation All-Stars New LA Beatdown Reveals

New details are being revealed currently for PSASBR from the LA Beatdown event. At this event attendees are experiencing the full complete game. One of the first things spotted was the Twisted Metal Stage.

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SuperSandLegend2066d ago

The question mark boxes on the sides are random selection. Don't know why they'd have two but oh well, I'm not a game designer.

fabod862066d ago

It could be that one of them is the random selection and the other one, maybe, the 21 chara that is hidden(the final boss anyone?). :)

Omar912066d ago

why would he have a polygon man shirt if he was rumored the final boss? Im assuming he isnt then.

r212066d ago

Neat, a new stage revealed. Dont know what games that stage is based on though.