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Top 20 Reasons Why The Super NES is the Best Console of All Time

Gaming Steve writes, "An article that Steve posted recently regarding the greatest gaming console of them all has spurred me on to post some thoughts regarding that of my own. Yes siree, the good old Super NES. Please, allow me give you 20 reasons as to why it holds such a crown...." (Culture)

Joey Gladstone  +   2728d ago
I really cant argue the fact that
most of my childhood gaming memories can be traced primarily to the good old Super NES, Original Nintendo, and occasionally the Genesis...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"
Evil Zhuk  +   2727d ago
Yeah and thats why you became a celebrity no one has ever heard of....

Anytways this article is wrong. ps2 is the best. How often do you play snes compared to ps2? Exactly...
socomnick  +   2727d ago
yea I agree joey I loved my Super Nintendo I had great memories with Killer Instinct, Supermario world,and so many others. Also unlike now the movie games like Jungle book, the lion king and Aladin were actually awesome.
mikeslemonade  +   2727d ago
PS2 is the best. Snes nostalgiacs don't know anything and they forget that there wouldn't be such a thing as a casual gamer if it weren't for the PS2. There wouldn't be a xbox without the PS2. Bow down and give the PS2 the deserved respect.
DarkSniper  +   2728d ago
Dark Sniper disagrees with this article. Super Nes was a superb console. In fact, he rates it #2 on his all time favorite list. But the best console of all time is the last of the classic systems which is Playstation 1.

Development costs on games were at an all time low due to Playstation's intricate hardware and low CD-Rom costs. As a result, developers could take more chances on developing games with little cost, but high reward. Dark Sniper believes Playstation gave the video game industry the recognition that was long overdue.

Dark Sniper could easily give 20 reasons why PS1 is the best console of all time.

mintaro  +   2727d ago
i think ive had enough of these articles
ReBurn  +   2727d ago
I still love my SNES. I brush it off for some Street Fighter II and Actraiser from time to time.
DrPirate  +   2727d ago
Super Street Fighter 2
Final Fight
Secret of Man
Secret of Evermore
Chrono Trigger
Earth Bound
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super Mario RPG

Those are just off the top of my head.
BloodySinner  +   2727d ago
Where's Killer Instinct?!
Dante08  +   2727d ago
Lost in time. Thank god!

I know some people loved it but I couldn't see past the lack of playability that was just a sequence of button presses resulting in stupidly long combos that became bore central after the 3rd time you've seen it.

More power to you if you liked it but I'm seriously glad it wasn't added here.
i_like_ff7  +   2727d ago
pffffftttt ps2 is better..
kewlkat007  +   2727d ago
SNES Easily get's my VOTE
then PSX at number 2.

I don't judge a console by the sales like some.

Believe it or not "Dreamcast" is actually up there with them, with it's Awesome but short gaming library and what it did "FIRST" in the Industry and we all know it sold way less.

But that's just me..


-ActRaiser 2 - [This game was hot, great music tracks]
-Super Mario World
-Harvest Moon
-Illusion of Gaia
-Earthworm Jim - [Great classics. Bring him back, similar to Odd world, Lot's of Character]
-Chuck Rock
-Star Fox - [If it comes, I know the graphics won't be all that]
-Killer Instinct - [Rare give it up ow]
-Smartball - [Loved this game]
-Secret of Mana - [So great]
-Uniracers - [This was different but fun]
-Super Smash TV - [suprised not yet on XBL]
-Pitfall : The Mayan Adventure - [Uncharted/Lara Right there]
-Orge Battle
-Street Fighter: Turbo
-Final Fight - {Nintendo's Answer to Streets of Rage]
-Joe & Mac
-Chrono Trigger - [Top 5 RPGs]
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters- I was sick with "Rat King"
-Super Punchout
-TECMO Bowl - [Madden who lol]
-Stunt Race FX - [Can you say Burnout?]
-Bubsy - [would give Conker/Crash a run for his money]
-Doney Kong Country - [SNEs's FX chip made yo forget about the Sega 32X}

Most Diverse Selection, at a time Brawlers and other Genres would soon die..off
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ReBurn  +   2727d ago
NBA Jam FTW! Man I killed a ton of time with that game!
Striderhoang  +   2727d ago
Though I support the opinion, in a hasty judgment made on the spot kind of way, I don't think he needs list 20 reasons why he believes it's the best, especially when the majority of those spots are just titles. I think it would've been a little more convincing as a list if it listed more, I dunno, "abstract" reasons then just individual titles. Things like sound chip and the controller are things I agree with. Listing Pilotwings and Shadowrun aren't. Maybe 10 or even 5 ideas would have been better.
beoulve  +   2727d ago
Here's the real reason,
It's because you are a kid that time, anything bring good childhood memory will be the best of all times to you. Just like Power Ranger, I heard some people say Power Ranger are the best in the good old days now now they are terrible. Actually they are the same, You like it because you are young, it meant for kids. You don't like the power ranger now because you got older.
Bonsai1214  +   2727d ago
negative. the original power rangers were normal high school students (thus kids looked up to them) in a normal setting, Angel Grove, California. they were fighting to save their town, every kid's dream.

now and days, its "mystic wild force" or w/e they're up to now, and they're infused with animal spirits, actual wizards, etc. that's a huge digression.

anyways, the green ranger arc > everything else in the PR universe.

that being said, snes is probably my #1, with ps2 a very close second.
XxZxX  +   2727d ago
9.1, i think you just proof his case there
hotrider12  +   2727d ago
you guys forgot
snes CONTRA game
bootsielon  +   2727d ago
It's PS2
Many of the best games of SNES were ported to PS2. Can your SNES play some of the best PS2 games ever? And since the 60GB PS3 can play most PS2 and PS1 games...
SaiyanFury  +   2727d ago
The SNES wasn't the console to bring Japanese RPGs from niche to more mainstream. It was the original PlayStation that did that with Final Fantasy VII. Don't get me wrong though, the SNES had some truly stellar RPGs in the guise of FFVI, Star Ocean, Super Mario RPG and so on.
Mandangoof  +   2727d ago
Nostalgia is worthless when deciding this.
PS2 is and, unless game devs get their sh!t together like Sony devs, will forever be the best console in existence.
Superiorrior  +   2727d ago
This guy won't shut the help up (Steve), wasn't this the guy who bashed Sega Saturn which in reality a sh*t ton of people had, and everyone loved, Sega Saturn brought some EPIC apps that have stood against the test of time, and even bring up reminiscent nostalgia, this guy needs to stop pretending he is a Guru and I agree with Dark Sniper Playstation 1 holds a very special place in my gaming heart.
ygxbrayzie  +   2727d ago
i don't see anybody mention Super Metroid that's was one of the best game ever!!!
novaIS350  +   2727d ago
No doubt about it. It is to this day the greatest console of all time. Those old enough to remember it, remember it well. There were no arguments over graphics, just games... and how much fun they were. Good times.

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