The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Update 1.8 (all platforms unless specified)

The new Skyrim Patch has been released and it fixes some stability improvements. This is an update on the previous 1.8 patch which included many fixes on the glitched and bugged 1.7 patch.

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SactoGamer2036d ago

Now, if only they could make a patch to reduce load times.

Eldyraen2036d ago

They could but they'd have to cut a lot of content to do it so I'm okay with load times. Granted I'm on PC and have a decent rig so not sure how bad it is for others. I just hope the patch doesn't break anything, including mods as that's always one of my worries with PC gaming even if rare.

MAJ0R2036d ago

This is true. They had to cut a lot of content from Fallout: New Vegas in order to get more performance and better load times. Luckily, it's been added back in through mods on the PC.

CashColeTrain13372036d ago

I honestly don't see the problem for loading times on Console. Ever play Morrowind GOTY? If anything goes over those two minutes and thirty seconds, then you've got my condolences. Until then, I can just stick with the 30 - 45 second screens.

DarkFireHawk2036d ago

I agree, its all about performance. If someone were to increase the source code efficientcy then I'm sure the loading times would also decrease. Ever played TwoWorlds 2? that game was Perfect when it came to land generation performance. Almost no in beween loading screens, and the game ran smoothly on my old Pentium 4, 2.8Ghz! not having framerate drops on a pentium 4 should tell you how efficient their source code it.

HellFeast2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Skyrim patch 36.4 coming November 2013. And they will keep on coming.